Thomas   Pennsylvania, United States
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Jack Frost Jul 28 @ 12:42pm 
how dare you think you can afk for 1 round in my greaser 1v1 warmup. My agents are on their way.
BUM_FozMan Jun 30 @ 1:21pm 
you got a battle cry of freedom reg?
Quintorris Eugene Marquis Apr 10 @ 11:59am 
+rep he called my arch enemy a slur in a public chat
CM PUNK Mar 2 @ 6:14pm 
+rep He is a real American :csgostar::csgostar:
Bup the cage god Feb 2 @ 9:31am 
-rep called me a slur in public chat
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Apr 6, 2022 @ 10:06pm 
hi im brown but not that kind of brown im the good kind