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you knuckleheads aint even worth the effort!
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Epstein Mar 2 @ 4:47pm 
dont add hes a lier and breaks lazy purple fans hearts...
friendly brap Mar 2 @ 3:30pm 

Best Canny gamer!
joen Feb 20 @ 4:16pm 
Nurd is amazing, this is why they commented on my profile. But how amazing is Nurd exactly? thats what ive constructed for you. 1: Showed me WHOS THE BOSS, ON LINE?!?! Thats right, i was "playing team fortress 2", an amazing game, i must just say, and i decided to join the harvest server. There, with my grimy cigarette hanging out of my mouth, did the oh so splendorious Nurd approach me, grabbing me right by my neck, and tossing me from the red truck, to the other side of the maps truck. "oh the horror!" i exclaimed as Nurd super jumped towards me, rupturing my spine. "i just tussle that way." Said the valiant hero, and I had been defeated. A tale to tell why Nurd is amazing, and joen on steam sucks willy. The end.:Original_Assassin:
friendly brap Feb 20 @ 4:15pm 
anyone know "♥♥♥♥♥ Lasanga" by PewDiePie? just discovered it recently and wanted to share :>P
nurd Feb 20 @ 4:10pm 
i just tussle that way
Mr. Greed Jan 20 @ 4:41pm 
-rep poor