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11.9.2018 kello 3.16
Aiheessa: Problema
Karen Kujo lähetti viestin:
Ciao, per caso hai abilitato la regola nel Firewall per bloccare i server Hong Kong e Seoul? Hanno combinato un macello con i server oggi, ma in teoria non ho visto più nessun problema sul tardi a parte la mancanza dell'aggiornamento dei progressi sul top gun e Kiwi

Grazie mille provero' a dare un occhio stasera ! Ieri non ho avuto modo
9.9.2018 kello 11.28
Aiheessa: Problema
Quando entro nella lobby parte la schermata di caricamento match ma continua a uscire, ritorna in lobby e riparte ancora...va avanti all'ifnfinito..a qualcuno è successo una cosa simile?
Fino a staman i ci giocavo regolarmente
4.12.2013 kello 6.00
Aiheessa: Pay to win is not a question
i havent spent for craft...ok i need a lot of times...but now im full equip and i farm only mterial for amulet...$???=0
..if you pay ok you have all quickly...i know...
4.12.2013 kello 0.18
Aiheessa: Pay to win is not a question
Who pay have faster strenght equip yes its true!
... but, for example, ME I have not paid anything and in 4 month ill be full equip.. (I play before it went out on steam) .however unlike many other game this is the less pay to win..
If you play good in a match and you make so many points you earn more resources it also depends own abilities. it is not necessary to play thousand hours a day...
I have an Italian clan and none of us is "shoppers"..yes the way for craft is so long ok...we wait...no problem...!
Remember: in other games if you pay you have things that playing free will never get..in Panzar you can create all with some times and patient

PS: the excited/shoppers are everywhere in all game free to play or not..this doesn't mean that the game will discredit for guilt of little that devotes the whole day in front of the screen
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