See... I knew it... It's an important moment, after all. I knew I would be needed. Now, then... I'll make sure nothing gets in my way... - ???%
I see now that the Circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are. - Mewtwo
The ones who accomplish something are the fools who keep pressing onward. The ones who accomplish nothing are the wise who cease advancing. - Celica Arfonia
Compared to failing without even trying, I'd rather take action, even at the risk of a mistake. - Yuuji Kazami
You're wrong. It's not the world that's messed up; it's those of us in it. - Kaneki Ken
Man fears death and yet, at the same time, man is drawn to death. Death is endlessly consumed by men in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one's life that none may reverse. That is what I desire. - Osamu Dazai
Life and death are like light and shadow. They're both always there. But people don't like thinking about death, so subconsciously, they always look away from it. - Yato
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