lil nutella
Justin   Canada

•Before the match starts, don't press accept. It's a test.

•The P in P90 stands for Pro. Like you.

•You are amazing with the desert eagle, don't let anyone ever tell you different, not even the scoreboard.

•Very important: That thing attached to some guns is called a silencer, and you have to take it off because it reduces damage a lot and will get you more kills.

•You need to Look at the ground when playing, that way you'll always be prepared for that suprise flash

•Recoil control is a myth. Like Bigfoot.
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MISAKI Jun 20 @ 8:40pm 
reported for cheating
AppleML Jun 8 @ 1:24pm 
twin Jun 1 @ 5:55pm 
actually cheating lol
dobs May 26 @ 9:17pm 
cheate r
Fayde May 26 @ 9:15pm 
i hope you open a package and inside is a bomb that blows up everyone you love
haferflocken1 May 24 @ 12:38am 
mark my words, he will never become decent at the game