[7:09:34 PM] Michael Tritz: HOASDFUA

[7:27:53 PM] Alex Houston: can i just kick his ass?

[2:15:19 PM] Nathan Davis: Monzu wants me to type out what people will say at my funeral
[2:15:35 PM] Michael Tritz: just print out a piece of paper with two words on it
[2:15:37 PM] Michael Tritz: "Nothing good"

[1:28:21 AM] Michael Tritz: noob tier bottom feeder
[1:28:23 AM] Michael Tritz: thomas gilgenast

[9:26:15 PM] Michael Tritz: i am a walking dota disaster

[10:57:33 PM] Alex Houston: martin do you finials a game after
[10:59:17 PM] Martin Gilgenast: u drunk?
[10:59:20 PM] Martin Gilgenast: learn2type

[11:23:02 PM] Michael Tritz: ok here are my terms and conditions of the deal
[11:23:05 PM] Michael Tritz: 1. fuck off
[11:23:09 PM] Michael Tritz: 2. my gw2 account

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