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Yes, it's finally happening tomorrow, the moment we have all been waiting for. That lazy collossal is finally waking up after 10 whole years in this game which is basically a masterpiece when compared to other games. Even though everyone thought that the collosal uptade would be a really big uptade, it turned out to be a really small uptade. But it's still thrilling to see this collosal waking up after it's slumber that costed the my singing monsters playerbase to wait for a decade of time. Almost everyone who plays my singing monsters is really exited about this, especially the my singing monsters veterans. Because it eould be amusing to see that collosal finally waking up and adding a sound to plant island for completely free which is great for free to play players like me. Tomorrow, my singing monsters would have it's first collosal awakening from it's long long slumber. It's also really hard to doubt that the sound the collosal will make would be bad because of how unpredictable the collosal's sound would be. This collosal is in fact, definetely real like you said. Rhank you a lot for sharing this post because you inspired me to write this. You don't know hpw grateful I am for making me to want to write this comment. Thank you
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