Abel   Groningen, Netherlands
Hello! im a Pro sniper, a pro Engineer, a pro Spy, and Pyo!
░█░░█░░█░░█░ put this
░████░░████░ on your page
░█░█░░░█░░░░ if you roleplay
i like
-playing tf2 with friends
-roleplaying in minecraft hypixel
-roleplaying in tf2[which ive never done]
-And much more FUN!!

How old are you?:
/spoiler [why should i say]
Do u like TF2?:
/spoiler [OFCOURSE I DO!! i love it.]
Why do you have normal items?:
/spoiler [i do wish i had a Unusual. or a Killstreak weapon. or a Strange weapon. if anyone would be nice enough. he/she would give it me.]
Are you active always on TF2? or sometimes not?:

U can add me sure mate
/spoiler [i do love tf2. so yea im always everyday online!]
Where do you live?:
/spoiler [Mate. take a better look at my profile.]

-high-nojoy-noipx-dxlevel 81

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@Badoo=WL= Thanks! =D
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Sorrry about the [/h1]

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Info about me:
Can i add you?:
[h1]Oof. sure![/h1]
Are u active alot?:
Where do u live?:
[h1]Why? should?i? EVEN TELL[/h1]
How old are you?:
[h1]why should i TELL[/h1]
Do u like TF2?:
[h1]I LOVE THE GAME[/h1]
Poot=WL= Mar 1 @ 8:12am 
Oof spoiler wont work
Poot=WL= Mar 1 @ 8:11am 
Some stuff about me:
Where do u live?:
/spoiler [Why should i say]
Can i add you?:
/spoiler [Sure!]
How old are u?:
/spoiler [Why should i even SAY that]
Do u like TF2?:
/spoiler [Yea. i love it]
How many time are u active?
/spoiler [ALWAYS]