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👻👻Valve Employees don't need to "Check" your items, you are being Scammed👻👻
NOTICE: I report scammers to VALVe without hesitation, so don't try me.
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Hello there my friend and welcome to my Steam Profile, the names Glitchy, Glitchy The Toxic Glitch, I play a lot of TF2, sometimes I'm in a good mood, sometimes I'm not, depends on how either my days going or how TF2's gameplay goes, oh, and, here are some answers to questions you MAY have.

Q: Why ARE you such an A$$HOLE?
A: cause I am, now f*ck off

Q: Why do you sound like a child?
A: It's gods way of telling me to go f*ck myself...

Q: Do you have a Youtube Channel?
A: you can find it by looking through my posted videos on this profile

Q: How could I trade you?
A: Here's my trade link:

Q: Do you do funny sh*t?
A: I do funny sh*t a lot, mainly being battle medic.

Q: Why do you sometimes kill friendlys?
A: Listen, I join casual to fight, not to be friendly, so if I do see a friendly their f*ckin' dead, I may spare some, but not all...
okay enough askin', now screw off...

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