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In topic Overlay browser PDF rendering bug
Thanks Rogue. Posted to the same bug report. No point in openning a new issue if the issue is the same, I guess.
Jun 16 @ 10:46am
In topic Overlay browser PDF rendering bug
Hi all!

I have not seen this before. There is a bug in the PDF rendering within the Overlay Browser in the Steam for Linux client. This has been corrobarted both in desktop mode and BPM. The rendering flickers and turns "white".

Edit: I know I should post this on GitHub... eventually.
Jun 16 @ 9:59am
In topic Gaming on Linux - to be or not to be
It was difficult in a time when broad-band internet was still very, very limited to certain areas, and speeds were ludicrous, not to mention most ISPs still charged by the minute+bandwidth, which made it prohibitively costly to have a digital delivery system, like the one we are now using.
Jun 16 @ 8:24am
In topic Gaming on Linux - to be or not to be
Originally posted by Cat on Linux:
jokes aside. I want to remind everyone in this thread that Linux gaming is old as sin, and there were publishers like Loki who ported hot games to Linux in 1999-2001. Now most of their ports are lost or broken due to Linux dependencies but we have to pay respects to such companies.

Loki is an icon for me, I decided to move to linux full time after playing one of their old ports of Railroad Tycoon 2. from what I know Postal port here on steam is their work too, and we still play it :)

upd. You might not see the connection but Loki people started many Linux key projects like OpenAL or book on programming Linux games and their member Sam Lantinga joined steam in 2012 thus why we see such robust tool for Linux on steam. Loki was financial failure at that time but they started the commotion and their members still work to bring games to Linux.
Hats off to Loki, and Ryan Gordon.

I did have some games ported by them (Q3A, UT99, Rune, Shogo, Unreal). Playing those early Unreal games on Linux with Glide felt just like magic, even more so than the very first time I saw 3D accelerated graphics for the first time with the Tomb Raider for DOS on Glide, pure awe, just JAW dropping. I did hate Loki going under before they could publish Deus Ex. I would have loved to have it native!

It was just around the turmoil about Linux, and the BIG push behind Windows and many companies struggling to get off Microsoft's Grip, but in the end we all know how it all went (and no merit on the quality of the products... A case where the best tech did not win). At any rate, I have been a Linux user and gamer from the late 90s to this day. I've "missed out" on a bunch of stuff on PC, but that is why I partly converted to consoles. So there's even more I've missed out on PC than on consoles (except Xbox, a matter of principle, LOL)
Jun 14 @ 7:40pm
In topic Linux Request sign up sheet
Eager to play this natively, seriously!!
Jun 11 @ 5:43pm
In topic Gaming on Linux - to be or not to be
Originally posted by Marlock:
PS: that's when Yahoo was king and Google didn't even exist yet, kids! Over a dialed 56kbps internet and with windows 95 or 98 working on a single-core 133MHz processor + 16MB RAM + 4GB HDD + 800x600 tube monitor, LOL!
The memories!! I first went on-line on a 14.4 kbps modem and a 386 with 4 mb RAM and (oddly high for the time) a 1 GiB HDD, with an SVGA capable of 1024, but running at 800x600 due to rest of the system. That monitor serviced me well into the i586 era on a K6-2 300 MHz and 96 MiB of RAM with a 20 GiB drive and THEN a 56.6 kbps modem!
Originally posted by Cat on Linux:
haven't seen LTG videos for a while, nice reminder :)
good script for people who does not want to open protonDB to check manually for each game.
I have a permanen tab in FF
I played this with both an Xbox 360 controller and a PS4 controller. No problems there. I sadly have no experience with the Xbox One controller.
Jun 8 @ 5:21pm
In topic Steam games for other PC Users.
Originally posted by 🅸🆅🅾🆁:
thetargos, do you actually keep a system like that; I tried in the past to have steam in a place where the game files were accessible from multiple linux (Kubuntu) accounts, but when steam updated it was causing problems with permissions changing and such.
Yes I have experience with such a setup, can be a bit tricky to get going, especially since you have to know beforehand what kind of set up you want. But it works rather well. Rather than using a single system user for steam, which would be the best, you can accomplish this, like you said with modes, ownerships, groups and umask. And that is the way I have it setup with multiple physical disks asigned as Steam Libraries. Then again, it was only a modification to how I did things in the okder days when I djal booted and kept a vFAT partition (back in the early 2000s)
Jun 8 @ 11:30am
In topic Steam games for other PC Users.
The best approach is to either: have a single system account for Steam, with different Steam users. Alternatively, you can move your steam library out of the administrative user's home directory, to a different path (/media/games, for instance). Depending on your partitioning, just make sure you have enough space or ideally install a dedicated drive to hold the games. The same procedure I explained earlier in the copy/move of the game's data apply, BUT alternatively, you can add the new location as a new library in Steam's settings, and make that location the default, and them move the games there within Steam... one by one, rather than in bulk (depending on the aize of your library that could be a major chore).

If you require more details and a step by step, I'll try to be as explicit as I can, or better yet compile a guide.
Jun 8 @ 9:03am
In topic Steam games for other PC Users.
You are sharing a library in another user's home directory or you are using the same system session and only a different Steam account? Seems like the former, since you are 'exporting' (sharing) your library through the network.

I would avoid SMB shares, if you really, really, REALLY want to share over the network (and have the bandwidth), I'd rather use NFS than SMB. If not, simply copy the games over to avoid redownload, make sure to recreate the directory structure (steamapps/common, but also the appmanifest files) on her local machine.
Jun 6 @ 4:53am
In topic Unforgiving - A Northern Hymn
Originally posted by susiesmith13:
Has anyone had any luck getting this game to work? It freezes my computer, then my monitor goes to sleep. I have to unplug my computer then replug and restart every time I run this game. I've tried Proton 3.7.8 and 4.2.5 with and without WINED3D. i'm afraid to to try too much more on my own. Any help appreciated.
Are you unable to switch to a system terminal? Without the game running, try hitting ctrl+alt+F3 (depending on your distro, the graphical environment may run on F2 and the login on F1 or all on F7). You will see a DOS-like login screen, you go back by doing the same to either F2 or F7 or alt+right/left arrow until you hit the graphical environment. If you can, ghen try to run the game, and if it does the same,try to fall to a system terminal, login and you may safely reboot or kill the process.
May 29 @ 7:37pm
In topic Gaming on Linux - to be or not to be
Originally posted by Aoi Blue:
Originally posted by 毕贤胜Linux:

no...from reading alot of his posts, i've come to the conclusion he's just a navel gazing troll...
Possibly, or a paid troll by Microsoft.

Either way, he's polite enough, so I'm willing to humor him with debate whenever he doesn't completely ignore my point.

When he does so, such as my regular point that Bolshevism is not the only form of Communism. I've even provided a massive list of well established workers cooperatives to him, which he just brushes off like it completely false.

When he acts like that he gets ignored.
And that is why I refrain myself from answering most of the time his seemingly genuine debate-inviting posts, only to find his utter inflexibility about subjective matters, despite the evidence that big budget corporations leverage the power of collaborative development mechanisms in an open manner (OSS, not necessarily Free in the proverbial RMS way), but still benefit all involved (starting with themselves). The entertainment industry, and by extension, the gaming industry also benefits... Alas, his view seems rather narrow and one-sided (his choice), regardless of the many counter points thrown, just as it is ours to remain and think from an open environment. One corp to rule them all, I guess. To each, their own.
Modern distributions (bundles of Linux kernel and applications/utilities) Desktop oriented are as easy to use as Windows or Mac, in most cases. Sure, the underlying workings differ, but just as Windows draws conventions from DOS, and many people have forgetten about them or how to "properly use DOS", you can use Linux without touching the terminal (alas, in an albeit less 'efficient' way, in the view of many seasoned users), and still live in a Unix filled conventions environment (like Mac). It all depends on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole.

I have little experience using Win10. At work they still rely on Win7. Many common desktop tasks and conventions are identical, many are fundamentally and radically different.

The first thing that becomes obvois and could be daunting is the sheer amount of choices you have for seemingly the same end - to use a Desktop system. Each with their little tweaks and quirks, but in the end most being fundamentally identical in their inner workings (except some edge, special cases, for some specialized target audience, and technology base). Virtually any distribution will do it, some easier, some through some hoops. Comming from a Windows or Mac (propietary) environment means you will stumble into some walls beyond the obvious difference in applications, stuff like codecs play a major role, and used to be a make or brake deal for many in the years prior to .mp3 patent expiration (as something as 'basic' in the propietary environments meant you'd have to stray from the philosophical and in many cases legal boundaries many distros abide). The issue has since been mostly resolved, either by means of mass-licensing or the generous donations from many big corporations (yes, giants have contributed in this regard).

The major issue new comers find, though, is the rather obvious 'missing' applications or the fact that they can't find suitable replacements for those apps they rely on (and has been what has kept the hegemonic walled gardens around platforms such as MSO, Adobe's CS, etc). When you step outside such havens, you may find rocks in the way (to keep the analogy) and not so well trimmed meadows. So keep your expectations accordingly.

If you give in, welcome aboard.
You do realise you posted a Windows-centric problem to a Linux-focused forum discussion?
May 27 @ 12:58pm
In topic Gaming on Linux - to be or not to be
Oddly enough it was through gaming I discovered Linux originally, and while I jept Eindows for a long time because of the same reason, those game I had been able tonplay, have made it worth it, to me. So I may be missing out on the bulk of games, sure, but I do not care too much either (part of the reason I had consokes in parallel to my PC games). The real answer is actually quite the subjective one, especially in terms what can people expect from gaming on Linux.... coming from literally nothing to where the platform is today, having into account the many episodes of interest in the past, have certainly had an impact, but still the gaming offer in Linux is quite big in its own right and by itself. So the answer is 'it depends'.

My 2c.
May 26 @ 10:06pm
In topic Vive Pro screen tearing on Linux.
That could be an issue, especially since nVidia drivers now offer gsync support. Try XFCE without composition and see how it goes. It may still happen (albeit you should see some difference)
May 26 @ 10:00pm
In topic Vive Pro screen tearing on Linux.
Originally posted by leech:
Originally posted by thetargos:
nVidia or AMD based video card? Screen Tearing has been more common with nvidia (to my knowledge, anyway)
Edit: This isn't a typical screen tear either, where the frame rate just isn't smooth enough, of the refresh isn't high enough, but a constant tear flipping through the screen. Not sure if I could take a proper video of it or not and post it somewhere.
It's the typical "nvidia screen tear" with frames over or above the display's vsync. Sometimes disabling vsync gets around it (yes, ccounter intuitive, I know) Some times it worsens, some times disabling, and renabling it (both in the application and the nvidia-settings) gets around the issue, but (you guessed it), some times it does not. I have seen my share of this, and it is much more dramatic if you use composition in your DE.

BUT I have no experience with VR.
May 26 @ 9:39pm
In topic Vive Pro screen tearing on Linux.
nVidia or AMD based video card? Screen Tearing has been more common with nvidia (to my knowledge, anyway)
May 23 @ 10:05pm
In topic Some issues I have noticed with FFX
Hi all!

Just wanted to share a few things in regards to these games (X and X-2).

First of all, it indeed is a major PITA to get them "working". In order for them to work for me on my main rig it took me several attempts, plus the latest Steam Beta update (proton version seems to be less important, though).

So I followed the steps listed in the game's entry on Proton DB, but just wanted to summarize:

  • You may have to repeat these steps even more than once in order for the preparations to work.
  • You will need to fiddle in the condole and seet launch options for the game itself in order to be albe to launch it.
  • winetricks is your friend... But assumes you have wine system-wide installed.

So the issues most people find are in regards to sound. The launcher (when it does run) will have sound, but not the game proper. You will need xact for that. While the game does not requires it per se, you will have to install .NET 4 for the launcher to work (yeah, the game's prefix is 64-bit, thank you!), plus fonts! Otherwise the game renders text utterly ugly.

It is best to make the preps with a WinXP set prefix, otherwise .NET4 won't install onto a 64-bit prefix. You can either do that by means of winetricks or manually runnig winecfg either from Proton or your wine installation. I'll assume default installation paths, so adjust accordingly.

WINEPREFIX="~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/359870/pfx", you can export a variable into the shell to make things easier for you:

export FFX="~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/359870/pfx"

Hence every time you reference "$FFX" as the argument of WINEPREFIX=, it'll expand to the full path. Alternatively, you can change into the directory and reference with the command pwd, but for that you need to invoke it like so:

cd ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/359870/pfx WINEPREFIX="`pwd`"
pwd=Print Working Directory, i. e, the directory you are currently in the shell, so use whatever works best for you. For simplicity's sake I'll assume exporting the path, rather than changing into the directory. A bit of clarification, even if you changed directory to the game's prefix and wanted to reference it with the dot (.) to mean the current directory, wine (and hence Proton) require a full path to work with.

WINEPREFIX="$FFX" winetricks winver=winxp && WINEPREFIX="$FFX" winetricks --force -q xact dotnet40 allfonts && WINEPREFIX="$FFX" winetricks winver=
winver= will default to Win7. Not quite done yet. There is a bug where the launcher crashes if you attempt to run the configuration for settings, so you will have to manually edit the options. Following in the same shell, open the GameSetting.ini in your favorite text editor (mine is vi, but use whatever!):

gedit "$FFX"/drive_c/users/steamuser/My\ Documents/Square\ Enix/FINAL\ FANTASY\ X\&X-2\ HD\ Remaster/GameSetting.ini
Unless you can read Japanese, change the language, save and you can then attempt to run the game with the following Proton parameters:
Some people report NO_ESYNC and USE_WINED3D to be needed, not in my case, seems to affect mostly people running with the Mesa drivers (the game AFAIK uses DX10 not 11). The LARGE_ADRESS_AWARE parameter prevents the game from freezing at the opening cinematic with the credits. Edit I do have PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 set, just tested without and the game gets stuck at a white screen.

Edit2: Once in the game with the esc menu, you can edit all other options in the game.

Issues I have noticed:
  • Game seemingly randomly works with sound. Actually seems to be an issue with the buffer and xact, as logging off and back in cleasrs the issue (and I mean of your system session, not Steam's!). So the game will most likely run fine if it is first game with Proton in your current session, otherwisw logging off and back in should "fix" it (may have something to do with sound overrides in winecfg).
  • During battles if you use any special ability, the battle will freeze after the animation of said ability ends. Most annoying, dunno if it also happens in Windows or if it is a feature.
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