stephanie   Columbus, Ohio, United States

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my boyfriend <3
my girlfriend <3
im a sub developer and league admin and caster for tfcl [tfcleague.com]

also am casting for the cup
My comp experience:

Envision Crew [play.esea.net] (S26 Open as Medic)
Envision Crew [play.esea.net] (S27 Sub)
Oops All Berries [play.esea.net] (S27 Sub)
Envision Crew [play.esea.net] (S28 Open as Roamer)
Loading One eSports [play.esea.net] (S29 Open as Roamer [Captain])

No Alts Here [www.ugcleague.com] (S22 Steel HL as Engie) (RIP MIGGY I LOVE YOU MAN)
NinetyNine [www.ugcleague.com] (S23 Steel HL as Engie)
#Freestate [www.ugcleague.com] (S24 Silver HL as Engie)
Socialism Is Twigs' Dream [www.ugcleague.com] (S25 Silver HL as Scout)
Shadows [www.ugcleague.com] (S26 Steel as Roamer)
Envision Crew [www.ugcleague.com] (S12 Silver Sub)
Envision Crew [www.ugcleague.com] (S13 Gold Sub)

BOMB [tfcleague.com] (S1 HL as Engie)
LESBIANS [tfcleague.com] (Ultiduo Cup as Soldier)
Envision Crew [rgl.gg] (S2 Competitive Low)
Envision Crew [rgl.gg] (S4 Div 2)

ready steady pan
team. [pan.tf] (S3)

gette it onne
"Eden" (S1)
Trade URL
scammers will be blocked pls dont bother
Website: https://thesqrtminus1.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesqrtminus1
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/stephanie_
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thesqrtminus1 and https://soundcloud.com/thesqrtminus2 and https://soundcloud.com/thesqrtminus3
Discord: https://discord.gg/HHbwJsG
Battle.net tag: steph#12429

*DEAD* PM | Santa Heevy #FORHYPNO : Is your engineer hacking?

Magic Casper - Yesterday at 5:54 AM
I don't need no hole i can just rub My dick on people

*DEAD* rukir : steph
BloodwingTitan trampled you with a Chargin' Targe (119hp left)
*DEAD* [M|cutest girl] steph : what
rukir : will u be my lawfully wedded, platonic wife
[SM] Time remaining for map: 200:49
*DEAD* [M|cutest girl] steph : sure

veronica: imma shove this entire box of instant spaghetti in my ass
veronica: sorry wrong person

cooldudezemauri : I love whebn girls rage
cooldudezemauri : when*

Bubbles : you are literally the most toxic player I have met in competitive
Bubbles : including lobbies

*DEAD* yuki : you're a tranny
yuki: you have autism

yuki: why are you a retard that can't realize you have a dick

fit to execute: hubby loves it when i tell him to shart as i eat out his ass

DEEP 6IX: suhhhhhhhhhhhh dude
DEEP 6IX is now Offline.

nip nop: uhhh
nip nop: i have masturbated to latias so much that i shiver and feel funny whenever latias is mentioned

nip nop: sometimes i fist myself to see how tight my asshole is
nip nop: wait
nip nop: wrong person

Yumyum - Today at 4:22 PM
did someone say gag

env.snorty: guy fieri was born in columbus ohio
env.snorty: this was your fieri fact of the day
env.snorty: wanna fuck??
guy firey: guy firey

[9:46:54 PM] (Channel) envSnorty: stop fingering me while im trying to sleep. i dont know who is doing it on here but please stop it is affecting my sleep schedule

Inferno__: On bannies stream, every night is anime night

*DEAD* Celia : tranny trash. owo
[TFCL] Stephanie : ur mad
Celia : least i'm not a tranny

Yumyum headshot you with a Sniper Rifle (125hp left)
Yumyum : im covered in pp
[M|catgirl] steph : owo

(TEAM) (^・ω・^ ) : do u really eat bees
(TEAM) i eat bees : yes

CptnZdgl : steph you think maybe people dont like you because you're a filthy pyro player?

Sir. Racha killed you with: quake_rl (136hp left)
Sir. Racha : gay loser
Sir. Racha disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.

boxcar: bitches love my she dick

2:57 嫌い (yuukkari): *slides into ur dms*
2:57 嫌い (yuukkari): i am here to have sex with you

3:04 box_car: :O

[06:26:56 PM] Vecc: my friends love doing cocaine! COCAINE! i pull the stack out on the hoes and make it RAIN!!

*DEAD* Koanza : kill yourself
*DEAD* Koanza : literally fucking kill yoursel
*DEAD* Koanza : f

4:05 box_car: i love girl dick

*DEAD* Bugs Bunny was a Commie : SETPHANIE ARE YOU A GAMER GIRL?
Bugs Bunny was a Commie : CAN I DRINK UR GAMER GIRL PEE

GarketMardener: i love hate you

9:45 masterDuck: @b4nny can i call you Granthony Anthony "b4nnthony" Vanthony

Today, 4:02:17 PM
basic_assumption: Pathetic little runt lol
basic_assumption: just kill yourself already and stop being a burden on society
basic_assumption: you got that?
ら十モ尸廾: lol

Ascent-Nursey: penis :D

steph: is a trans girls butthole called a girlboipussy
boxcar: shut the fuck up

[11:17:55 PM] sandblast__: damn boxcar stole some lunch money

6:00 PM - saila: i had a fUKCking awesome morning
6:02 PM - steph: nice
6:02 PM - saila: i
6:02 PM - saila: huffed nail polish remover and pubbed for like 3 hrs while listening to death metal

lyinx2b 2 hours ago Delete
women and females are the same thing so are men and males go back to sex ed retard

[S|Dame I] fishy | bg5.tf : fuck my tight little asshole

Ziggy❤ : is that the steph
Ziggy❤ : the gross slutty tranny

10:02 captainsnorty: today's casters have been Sigafoo and Dumb Fatass Piece of Shit

Depyjelly : this server is full of toxic losers. bye
Depyjelly [STEAM_0:0:217973620] disconnected. Reason: Disconnect by user.
[M|catgirl] steph : ok
[D|scunt] Claquettes Chausettes : lol
[M|catgirl] steph : lol
Airborne³ : lol

arf: With All New Vaccuum Technology My ArseHole Has Never Felt Better = )
arf: The Only ProLapse Here Was My ProLaspe Of Judgement On The Ass Sucker 4000

*DEAD* chompa- : later

Bitch I'm Bobby 1 hour ago
youre mentally disabled for thinking youre a girl ♥♥♥♥ you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

(TEAM) skrrt fygg : i also love sex

isaac : stephanie is hacking

*DEAD* Scratchh : retard


sukov : pingas !
[SM] Kicked sukov
sukov left the game (Kicked by administrator)
sukov has joined the game
sukov joined team BLU
sukov : why kick ?
sukov : im from KAT hello :D
[SM] L1.stephanie | tipofthehats.org : Permanently banned player "sukov" (reason: die noob).
sukov left the game (die noob)

(TEAM) M‏urkZ : homos are mad cause they have aids

eh 4 hours ago

*DEAD* ✧・゚stephanie✧・゚ : ᴸᴼᴸ
*DEAD* Festive Goon : okay really irritating epic
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