Matthew Montella   Asheville, North Carolina, United States
"Once again, Matthew 'Snooks' Montella, has demonstrated his mastery of the humblest of tools in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the flash-bang. With every lineup, toes curl with anticipation of the beautiful team-play. We've seen his lurks that mirror the predatory hunt of 'GeT_RiGhT', but with such grace, Snooks disarms his enemies with simple right click. There is a sweet simplicity in his movement, but it comes with a deadly precision. As if each moment is created in his minds eye first, then nothing more than a swift flick reveals countless of hours of mastery, and his enemies own mortality. I've never seen anyone so adept at setting up his teammates." - Club Conflict, LAN in the HighLANds - 1HP Magazine, PA 2015.

"I've seen this dude play, he doesn't even need a monitor. He visualizes the map in a detailed rendering, completely in his mind, like a biological wallhack. His godlike perception is crisp with the precision of his cross-hair placement. His mouse-work gracefully swerves across the table, making immaculate twitches as he flicks from head to head. Each bullet that escapes his gun barrel is surgical; making a deadly strike in between his opponent's eyes. His spray control is otherworldly, his cross-hair erratically jolting across the screen as his wrist muscles perfectly manipulating the next bullet's location. Time literally stops as he peeks, sunlight curving as his trigger finger impacts his left mouse button, sending enemies to a digital shadow realm before they even know what happened. He is un-killable. He is undefeatable. This "Man" is the epitome of eternal." - Alexius "JaX" Conroy, JMC

"Hes Powerful and Hes Fast.
- But Precision Beats Power, and Timing Beats Speed." - C.M.


1st @ Club Conflict's $1,000 LAN in the Highlands, PA '15
(Step1 - phaZon, MIKEisGOD, Snooks, Tha_Troof, Marty Jr.)
1st @ PITTCO LAN, PA '16
(Can't Stop This - dTraf, ScrubN, Snooks, ZR, Calicipher)

CS:GO ONLINE 1:0:410293
S8 CEVO-IM - Manifest Destiny
(Tha_Troof, Snooks, dTraf, DEATH, MikeIsGod, Marty Jr.)
S9 CEVO-M - Broken Alliance Gaming
(Tha_Troof, Snooks, dTraf, DEATH, zBlaze, Shaka)
S10 CEVO-IM - Rift Guardians
(The_Troof, Snooks, Sweig, Snoolsie, Blitz, Fox)
*S17 Club Confllict CHAMPIONS - (16-0) Manifest Destiny
(Tha_Troof, Snooks, Marty Jr., MikeIsGod, King)

3rd Place - XanaLAN '12 (w0rthy, MIKEisGOD, Snooks, cflat, phaZon)
4th Place - Nor'Easter '09 (chuckk, MIKEisGOD, Snooks, noi, pigeon)

CS:S ONLINE - 0:0:410293
CAL-IM Team Team (13-18-2)
CAL-IM Contrived (24-23-3)
ESEA-O s8 turmoiL (5-2-0) (Disband)
CEVO-M s12 OutplayedGaming (Disband)
CEVO-M s12 HeLLsGamers (11-9)

The Golden Days of AVA - FATEsnooks
Alliance of Valliant Arms '09 Closed Beta Tester
*3rd place AVA National Escort Tourney '09
Teams Played For:
VerdNirgin (mitchamp, Snooks, MIKEisGOD, ABK, obscured)
immortal7 (mitchamp, MIKEisGOD, Snooks)
inFATE (FATErambo/Skadoodle, FAKEwiked, FATEsnooks, FATEbill, term)
DefKon (Korupt, Skadoodle, Snooks, Michael3D, Wiked, ABK, Chilly)
eMazing Gaming (mitchamp, Snooks, MIKEisGOD)
L4BEL (OG Team lead by L4sens)
ajnin (VerdNergin Remake)

IronSight - Snooks
Motiv8 Gaming (Ekwy, Eya, Jake, Archetype, Snooks, Rover, Kyzioh)

Quantum League
Snooks - Robalo - damontster - chinstrap - Monty - 11

✪ Sweig: stats show how the whole game went
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Matthew 'Snooks' Montella 10 Second Ace

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⭕⃤ Show me your kitties Mar 24 @ 6:35pm 
LUMI WAS HERE! Snooks is hands down, best noscoper/headshotter I KNOW!! <3 <3
Haze Feb 6 @ 4:11pm 
Look at this nerd. Quoting news articles about himself. ;)
dirtyBit Dec 25, 2018 @ 10:44am 
signed by Marty Jr.
Merry Christmas, your page is now worth a fortune.
Pat Myaz Jan 31, 2018 @ 6:39am 
+rep God at csgo and he has very entertaining streams
Schult7ee Jan 29, 2018 @ 3:18am 
+rep watches WarOwl probably twice a day = hits most of his shots
Bill Williamson Jan 28, 2018 @ 11:27pm 
+rep should stream more