Andy Sheen   Oregon, United States
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Classy 10 ώρες πριν 
If you want a play breakdown, feel free to ask. I don't mind proving I don't cheat, you just have to ask instead of cry.
Classy 10 ώρες πριν 
- Why call an ex-pro a cheater when you're literally queued with a cheater?
I got banned from the pro scene because I griefed in ESL One Cologne 2014 NA Qualifier.

Just because I out-frag your cheater friend doesn't mean I cheat.

*Cough 11 - 16 in DMG and calls cheats on an ex-pro player*
I drop 70s against MG2-DMG games and you struggled to get out of single digits in 25 rounds?

Players are considered ♥♥♥♥ if they can't get contribute double-digits worth of kills at halftime.

You didn't communicate, you didn't work with your team, and you didn't frag. 4k at half-time?

You were the reason we lost 4 of the 10 rounds.

Spit facts, not lies. You can't say it's blatant if you don't know how to tell if someone is cheating or not due to your own lack of skill. Also, to be fair... average of 1.5kills around is hardly cheating frag wise, and you were spectating me, not like I was calling things I didn't hear like Vertex.
gaymagic 19 Οκτ 2017 στις 16:24 
went halves on a fleshlight.... well this ♥♥♥♥ing guy ♥♥♥♥ed its brains out now im out of $6... wont refund 1/10 trader
sack 14 Δεκ 2016 στις 17:34 
brandon Jan 16, 2015 @ 4:59pm
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marvin 7 Οκτ 2016 στις 22:23 
brandon Jan 16, 2015 @ 4:59pm
MY ♥♥♥♥♥ ON FIRE FOR MORE ♥♥♥♥
PoNo 23 Αυγ 2016 στις 22:51 
hey need to talk about lan