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xayoo Mar 3 @ 2:00pm 
hello I have an exchange offer for you add to friends
road to 1800 day 5 LFT Mar 3 @ 12:32pm 
sign me pls <3
SneK Mar 3 @ 8:29am 
looking to trade my fortnite account for a knife, my account is worth about £2000 OG and extremely stacked i can provide video links, looking for a knife worth around £250-£200
kosmo | 科斯莫 Feb 26 @ 1:47pm 
possibly interested in the IBP redline
zenix Feb 26 @ 3:48am 
what the hell are those SSKINSSS MY GUYYYYYY
Xipezy @Hydra.CSGO Feb 25 @ 2:58pm 
added for trade.
호랑나비 Feb 25 @ 2:04am 
"레인보우 식스 시즈" 아이템 보상 받으세요:steamthumbsup:
Zorrolord Feb 23 @ 11:21am 
Added, i want to offer for the IBP Ak
B4RT ❤ Feb 22 @ 6:28am 
added for trade, my inventory for your m9 safari mesh
⚡𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕜𝕠⚡ Feb 18 @ 8:59pm 
get off you chair you fat ♥♥♥♥ lose some wight you ugly fat jew go hang your self you ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Flurry Feb 18 @ 7:44pm 
Interested in buy/trade add for discussion
Maxinator 1TaPz Feb 17 @ 10:05am 
Added for one question about my #2 stattrak cz75-auto in the world
Andżelika <3 Feb 16 @ 3:51am 
MortiVyt Feb 15 @ 3:24am 
wow so niceeeeeeeeee skins
wakajawak Feb 14 @ 11:01pm 
added for trade
-8givi- 悪魔 Feb 14 @ 2:50am 
Please sign my profile
ЦС CS.MONEY Feb 12 @ 11:59pm 
qq. Interesed ny ups #5 ?
ばか Feb 10 @ 12:45pm 
Hi bro, could you give me some unnecessary shirp if you don’t have the trouble? I will be grateful
UwU Feb 10 @ 4:27am 
added for trade!:munchies:
B1g Boss Feb 8 @ 11:08pm 
Add for trade skin bro. Thanks
The_OG Feb 8 @ 2:44pm 
this man has so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ skins
호랑나비 Feb 6 @ 12:30am 
:steamthis:BUY Sticker | Gen.G (Gold) | 2020 RMR:steamthis:
Pino Feb 5 @ 11:23am 
Hi bro can you add me? I have a offer for you
𝓭𝓸𝓥𝓮 Feb 4 @ 2:04am 
Yo bro could you upgrade my knife please I lost so much money on gambling trying to do it myself and Im tired of my gut knife. I would really like getting a new one. Thanks anyways <3
AlfaCharityTTV Feb 2 @ 5:37am 
added for ak redline trade
RedRubix gatherskins.com Feb 1 @ 4:02am 
can u sign me
Hackpaw Jan 31 @ 7:46am 
Wait, you got back into skins? :O
Snipe My Ass Jan 30 @ 5:17pm 
Hey mate i believe we have played payday 2 before, was wondering if you wanted to add me so we could play more payday 2 together
Lucas Dalessandro CSGO.NET Jan 30 @ 2:05pm 
I have an AK-47 Field-Tested Case Hardned GOLD GEM (TIER 1) - World Rank 40 Float 0.20 Are you interested in it?
蝙蝠侠刺身 Jan 29 @ 6:24pm 
老哥给个好友位呗 有空一起玩~
호랑나비 Jan 29 @ 3:54pm 
Could you buy 1000 Sticker | TYLOO (Gold) | 2020 RMR
I used to have you in my friendslist so im adding you back:steamthumbsup:
Da Jan 28 @ 1:26pm 
hey, i cant send you friend request, so can you add me please? its urgent
🌌Puber🌌 Jan 28 @ 12:34pm 
+rep add me pls:fire:
Colosso Jan 28 @ 5:39am 
Added due question
✪ Olpler Jan 27 @ 11:30am 
sign my profile
RedmaN Jan 26 @ 6:01pm 
such a beautiful collection bro, keep it up, id love for you to say <3 on my profile <3
RedmaN Jan 26 @ 6:00pm 
wow rofl monster is still alive ! im back after 6 years and this guy is a legend !
호랑나비 Jan 26 @ 6:20am 
Playing FortressV2:winter2019coolyul:
蝙蝠侠刺身 Jan 25 @ 6:31pm 
给个好友位呗老哥 有空一起玩:csgoanarchist:
Ante Jan 25 @ 12:39pm 
sign my profile :steamhappy:
🌌Puber🌌 Jan 24 @ 5:21am 
+rep add me pls:fire:
BoBoraB Jan 24 @ 4:36am 
Can you sign or award my profile ?
호랑나비 Jan 23 @ 8:43pm 
#1 Blue Gem Trade ?:steamthumbsup:
Lucky_767 Jan 23 @ 1:44am 
Hello bro, add me for trade plz;)
Mike Hunt Jan 22 @ 6:39pm 
anyone want to trade? hit me up
Hello, can add you for a trade? I have a little proposition :csgoct:
eryz cs.money Jan 21 @ 9:51pm 
plz add i want to trade
Cleq Jan 21 @ 12:09am 
Are you interested in #2 lowest float AK-47 Panthera onca? (0.0032) Thank you :)
RealArrow™ Jan 20 @ 11:04am 
Hey, I have #2 best float FN kara night. If you can help set a price I will be very gratefull :)