I own no other accounts don't fall for anyone trying to impersonate me or trying to say they have ownership of this account. Thank you

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Created by - Mr.D and Sterling
This guide contains everything you will need to know about how to defeat the game on the hardest difficulty. I have presented the skill build and where to locate the places of power, items required and where to farm mutagens, EXP and crowns! Video and scre

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T0eyy Jul 16 @ 8:19pm 
i need a friend on this fucking game
Instigator Jun 1 @ 10:56pm 
Australian m0E
I summoned an army of Russian Katowice traders upon his profile XD
P.S. I'll be back in like 15 min, gonna tell you someth
.Cytus May 19 @ 2:28am 
I'd hope so mate.
Yo, i bet that impersonator is gonna be scared when he sees the comments
Ghetto ☢ May 8 @ 9:50am 
Thanks for following. Coming soon :)