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A monkey, and a cop. A monkcop, if you will.

Includes bodygroups for the badge and the hat. Credit to base addons:
789 ratings
Created by - Gonzo and wingman
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da sniper with da more drizzle!!!

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Centririus Jun 16 @ 4:16am 
sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
Pineapple Master Jun 10 @ 10:05pm 
Hello, Greetings from Philippines..
Im finding. This. Accoint for months.. I just wanna ask something... If this is. Truely. The prince of saudi..

Hello Prince,

I hope you will see this, im writing this. Because my father is an OFW in your. country, i haven't seen my father for. How many year.. I dont know the be hug of my father... He. Got stuck in your country he cant.. Go home here in Philippines.. I really want. My father to be back here.. I really.miss.him.alot.. Please do. Read this. I'm not.. Asking for.. Ingame items.. Just my father to be able to gohome again... 4 years. And counting... I cant take it anymore. I hope you can read this.. Please i really need your help.. Its so painful to me. Without a father in myside. Whilr. Growing up..

I really hope you. Can read this...
Thank you so much and god bless.. You.. Prince. And take care always...
Prod.디즈넛츠 Jun 3 @ 6:26am 
hey im very interested in your corpse gray fp summer shades. I hope we can work something out (I can overpay if need be)
76561199095065029 May 15 @ 9:03am 
hello mate, can you send me friend request? I have something for you
diveliner May 10 @ 4:16am 
Added for talk about cat pijama
blaster ☆ May 7 @ 4:41pm 
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