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"the last time i seen failure like that, a paraplegic was tryin' to put on a wristwatch!" -keemstar, 2009

♡She♡ is everything to me. she's beautiful cough cough
she's my universe, and i wouldn't be alive without her
M. i. n. e. an I love her very very muchis! ♡

deep breath Homosapien Adolescent of the female gender. If you do not cease with calling a human fault upon men which is termed "voice cracking", you may have my certainty that I will assault you with one of many caliber ballistics firearms and, after loading the required ammunition compatible with my caliber combat gadget, you may have my certainty that I will aim down on the sight at which will give me more accuracy and exert pressure onto the mechanism, which will set off a ballistic reaction, known as "the trigger"

continued chats:

10:34 PM - 💀 jannyyuyu 💀: fuck you stupid nigger i hope you choke on a black cock you gay motherfucker i hOPE YOU GET FUCKED IN THE ASS AND FUCKING REEEEEEEEEEEE

2:57 PM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: turn me into "not-a-virgin-mobile"
2:57 PM - 💀 jannyyuyu 💀: that's basically what a scooter is
2:57 PM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: WOW
2:57 PM - 💀 jannyyuyu 💀: LMAO

3:00 PM - 💀 jannyyuyu 💀: wil u also tell them about your virgin mobile?

4:18 AM - lima bean: COMING TO SENPAIS DOJO >W<

5:45 AM - Greenies: YOURE MY QUEAN LAZY
5:45 AM - Greenies: AND YOU ALWAYS WILL BE
5:45 AM - Greenies: IM SORRY

6:01 AM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: you suck asssssssssss
6:01 AM - YourPeepingTom: and dick and pussy, whats your point

6:15 AM - YourPeepingTom: "you know that sound of something hitting the cabinet door after you close it? thats the sound of someone elses problem"

6:19 AM - YourPeepingTom: I once put some lacy bras in a dudes cart and he didn't even notice hahaha just kept going and he didn't notice till he got the final total and was like...waaait a minute

9:44 AM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: slow computer
9:45 AM - Enamie🎃: spank it
9:45 AM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: kinky
9:45 AM - Enamie🎃: (eye emoji)
9:45 AM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: (squirt emoji)
9:45 AM - Enamie🎃: (eggplant emoji)
9:46 AM - 👻 aussytitn 👻: (kyfs emoji)
9:46 AM - Enamie🎃: can this go on your wall of texts pls


8:52 PM - aussytitn: eat ass
8:52 PM - Tohxiiq: dude
8:52 PM - Tohxiiq: i do on the daily basis
8:52 PM - aussytitn: eat shit!
8:52 PM - Tohxiiq: dude
8:52 PM - Tohxiiq: i dont do on the daily basis

8:00 AM - loser: i love balls OwO

12:42 AM - doof: "fousey has a big dick"

9:40 PM - ichigo: iff you do i will lick yourassi swear to god

AwfulFalafel (awfullawfulfalafel):
make me some soup and ill suck a fart out ye ass uwu

AwfulFalafel (awfullawfulfalafel):
i hope the police ramp up security 500% during black friday week. ill bet the muslims will try to pull something. if u see a brown get the fuck down.
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