I am a cheating fuck, I love the V-Buck

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Before anyone claims that I scammed them, or added them in an attempt to scam them, please be aware that:

- I do not own any alternative accounts by the name of Drago.

- I only trade with this very account.

- That means no storage or negotiation accounts.

- Unless you own an item that particularly strikes my fancy, or the rare situation of me knowing you, I won't add you.

- I will always only offer pure or cash via marketplace.tf. A rare exception would be paypal funds, but I will always offer anything else FIRST.

- Always check my ID, theonlydrago, if you are trading with me.

- Alternatively, literally do a basic scammer check. Seriously. I shouldn't have to tell you this.
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Secondary showcase - items are not for sale.

You won't read this, and I am aware of that.
My inventory is not and will never be up for trade.
Unless I specifically put ANY item up for sale, I won't accept your offer. Ever.
I urge you to not waste your time and even more importantly - mine. Please refrain from bothering me with trade offers.

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Tri | exams 19 hours ago 
Tri | exams 20 hours ago 
same to you tbh
Tri | exams 20 hours ago 
Hi Drago, I'm interested in you as a person. Maybe we can figure out a time for a date or smth like that I think im rly into you xoxo
GentleDoge Mar 15 @ 10:23am 
Hi Drago, I'm interested in your Miami Element Medi Gun.
NixtaFIN Mar 14 @ 1:31pm 
Hello there sir. I would like to buy that merc's muffler that you bought with 4 keys pure whennit's tradetable. I added you to talk about it more.
<|°_°|> Mar 14 @ 7:34am 
added to scam