Some guy from   California, United States
Playing for SFD-Gaming Fortnite
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Achievements (CS:GO)
#2 German Monkeys Spring Cup 2nd - 27.05.2018
#1 German Monkeys Summer Cup 2nd - 03.08.2018
GTX 1050ti
16gb RAM

Mouse: Logitech G402
Mousepad: xtrfy GeT_RiGhT Edition
Monitor #1: AOC G2460PF 144hz
Monitor #2: /
Headset: HyperX Cloud II
Keyboard: Logitech G213 Prodigy

Before you hate the best, watch.
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Best Friends <3
Clutchmeister : deine mutter ist eine dreckige hure du bastard
Qlimax (Dead): cry nice cheats
*DEAD* ValiPolarBear KROND.ORG : cry
*DEAD* ValiPolarBear KROND.ORG : im going to pee on you
Beta2963 : stop cheatingf
*DEAD* Kacperek999 : nice hw
Beta2963 : ok enjoy ban
*DEAD* VinCS : report
Эндшпиль : nice hack
*DEAD* John makaron : cry hack
★ČeLiČ★ : Report for cRy. submitted, report id 3223749549117931664.
*DEAD* Mãe : cry ur cheater
*DEAD* crUz@EZ : you are hacking cry
Trajce.M : cry off wh
*DEAD* MistrzuZ : wh
*DEAD* 30cmBezBaffa1337 : nice hack
*DEAD* 30cmBezBaffa1337 : cRy nice wh dolbaeb
*DEAD* KaPTa9 One tap : stupid cheaters
*DEAD* KaPTa9 One tap : bb acc
*DEAD* [DZ] q k : wtf cheater
*DEAD* [DE] FreddyS : nice cheats
*DEAD* [IT] CUPCAKE-StarryBlackky : nice hacks
[IT] CUPCAKE-StarryBlackky : bhop script and aimbot nice cry
*DEAD* ?#Hulig{4}N#? #GanG : nice prefire
*DEAD* pix3l : report
*DEAD* CRANE : nice hack cry
*DEAD* JRMERT : nıce hack
JRMERT : cry. oyuncusu rapor edildi, rapor numarası 3237313341454024748.[ret]
*DEAD* MACHINE : hacker
*DEAD* ❶☞Sayler Moon❶☞ : nice cheats
Orange : i know you have hacks
*TOT* Dendy™ : reported :)
SAMA_BLOOD : cheat is on nice cry
*TOT* ✪ Unleashing : cry nice aimhack
*DEAD* ✪ kAmEk : cry du bistn hurensohn der cheatet gj
Report for cRy submitted, report id 3265503687866319291.[ret]
*TOT* CHucky : $$ oyuncusu rapor edildi, rapor numarası 3277241406137040907.
*TOT* Tayvo : cry wh nice
Bula‎ : Report for cRy submitted, report id 3294197763075473550
*TOT* Bula‎ : cRY only taps
*TOT* Bula‎ : EZ wall hacker
SwiT : Report for cRy submitted, report id 3295939479688183870.
*TOT* DzoniS‎ : Report for cRy submitted, report id 3299489598723326016.
*TOT* Nifty‎ : cry what u waiting to toggle like last time

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cRy Oct 14 @ 7:28am 
lmao bist trz ein bot XD
sh0ck3d Oct 14 @ 5:45am 
Lv10 ez
sambadywonstoltme Sep 7 @ 2:16pm 
meine erste große liebe <3
sh0ck3d Aug 14 @ 10:19am 
cRy Aug 14 @ 8:10am 
Wirst halt geboosted :d
sh0ck3d Aug 14 @ 7:53am 
Hochnäsiger huansohn super bin jetzt auch lv 8 wen juckst morgen lv 9