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Jack   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
King Empoleon : I know i'm in a weird server when the top scorer is called penis balls autism cop

Pinnacle of my TF2 career: https://clips.twitch.tv/AntsyKindLocustBudBlast
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PC Specs;
CPU - Intel Core i7-6700T 2.8GHz
Motherboard - MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC
Memory - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2800MHz
Storage - Seagate Barracude 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM
SSD - Kingston UV400 120GB
Video Card - Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 1060 WF2 OC 6GB
Case - NZXT Source 210 (White) ATX
PSU - XFX 550W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX
OS - Windows 10
Wakzz' : STOP HACK
(TEAM) Dildozer[HUN] : cat cheat
*DEAD* Heptasillin : ♥♥♥♥ you hacker
{-Mon's Raffle-} monman13 : meetthecat is hacker
Nova-Çağatay : meercat hacker
Kill3raBG : meer cat nice hacks :D
AdianX : ur a hacker
bogdantoma22 : Hacker
Assassin254 : you are a piece of ♥♥♥♥
normanvideo12 : hacler
normanvideo12 : hacker
[TmC]Creeper ;3 : meetthecat is hakor
Gabi115545 : hacker!
ZOPP : Nice hacks ;)
*DEAD* Bra'HtischKa : Sir meer wh is real
Lucien Bramard : Sir Meer > nice to cheat ?
Lucien Bramard : fast weps change, always full life even with BB
*SPEC* Lucien Bramard : admin: cheater, fast change weps/fast reload : Sir Meer
*DEAD* Cp Lisa : nice cheat
*DEAD* Cp Lisa : you could possble know i was there and head shot me with 2 shots
Cp Lisa : no i save replay on this
Cp Lisa : i didt even stand there
Cp Lisa : you shot the moment when i come there
Cp Lisa : your such a cheter
Lucien Bramard : Sir Meer > All this without cheat ;)
*DEAD* Wkurwiona Kaśka : Zgłoszono gracza Sir Meer, id zgłoszenia 3075677296003121169.
azer0486 {TRADING} : hacks meer
General Fluffykins : ok sir meer has to be a bloody cheater
_EdekPL_ : sir merr cheater noob
☁TTT☁ Neko✘ : wut
☁TTT☁ Neko✘ : aimbotr
☁TTT☁ Neko✘ : you right hit every shot dumbass
ChanksoITC(f) : ♥♥♥♥ you hacker ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Player ChanksoITC(f) left the game (Disconnect by user.)
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : pootis spencer hacker
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : stop hacking'
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : yo think pootis was hacking?
Фокица : he was really good with the direct hit :D
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : / hacks
Фокица : like getting every airshot
Фокица : maybe
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : he had aimbot
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : trust me bro
L3w1sG4m3r| Trade.tf : hacker alert!!
sEAN!!!1!!11 : I want to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ eat that pyro with the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ pink hat like a rabid cannibal with rabies.
[OWNER] Snitty @GroundShake REC : ♥♥♥♥♥♥ meer
☆Polish Spy☆ : Yeah
(TEAM) ☆Polish Spy☆ : I think hes hacking :p
Fzak : candy you have hall
fireman007 : wall hack
*DEAD* D. Fod : Hack
D. Fod : I gona kill you
Picasso : shot me thru de smoke
Picasso : wh
penis balls autism cop : lol
*DEAD* Picasso : yeah now the 'lol'
*DEAD* Picasso : busted
*DEAD* Picasso : ng nwh
*DEAD* Picasso : wh
*DEAD* Nolife : reported
*DEAD* Nolife : 100% wh
Lycaeuss : HE HACK VAR
*DEAD* zeu$$$$ : aimbot
*DEAD* Silver Surfer : Meldung von penis balls autism cop eingesendet, Meldungs-ID 3156740399226159342.
Shinji : hentai op, fap pls
Shinji : nerf pls*
[DK] EGGhEAd : sweaty balls you sad ♥♥♥♥ lmao
[DK] EGGhEAd : your mum wet
[DK] EGGhEAd : ♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* Mr.Стелс : its no kome back its cheats!
*DEAD* >PiRez< winaskin.com : nice cheats
Mr.Стелс 20 hours ago Delete
Yo Treg : kim jong is gay people
Yo Treg : HE IS GAY'
(TEAM) Dark_Angel [RSA] : meer is a god
lgstale : is that solder muselk
Igstale : is barry bee muselk
*DEAD* Sir Daniel - Team Machine : when the faggotism (overhal) and noob sollies..
*DEAD* Sir Daniel - Team Machine : barry u suck
[IIAC]Megafire2003 : Totally not somebody that either had 6000 hours or is hacking
EB epicgames : il y a un cheater avec les enemis
Deus Ex Machina : oh ♥♥♥♥ its barry bee henson gg theyve won
Renar : please kick barry
Renar : Kick him or I'm reporting the entire blue team
*DEAD* Grugnaz88 : we have pay2win meer
*DEAD* ÇakırbeyLi ☾★︻芫═─ : barry bee report
� : kick 'meer' he is hacking!! +SPAM
� : kick "meer" he is spamming + hacking
Big Black ♥♥♥♥ : report decking irl memebrs
*DEAD* Big Black ♥♥♥♥ : Decking I wwill taste your sperm
*DEAD* Bulyto : nice hax
BurgerKing : sn4iper hack
I am weasel : you do realise that the blue sniper is haking no?
*DEAD* sloLORDsir : is it muselk?
sloLORDsir : realy?
sloLORDsir : going for a trhyhard tuesday?
sloLORDsir : muselk is it realy you?
Sir Toamuus #HongKongConeBros : No respect for heavy main
Index MAGA!!! T!! : you pretend to be funny? because you looks like a rude stupid
Carlos : your aimbot doesnt seems obvious
Carlos : KEK
*DEAD* Carlos : perfect shots without even aiming,lmao
meer lft : r u talking about me? rofl
*DEAD* Carlos : well done spaz boy
Carlos : your life is tbh, which is why you bum this game
Carlos : lmao
kelvinfriedchicken : guys we have one of those try hard proffesionals
*DEAD* skalsooon : ?
meer lft : ?
*DEAD* skalsooon : hax
meer lft : no
skalsooon : yes
meer lft : no
skalsooon : yes yes yes
BIG LEZ : meer lft is a mule
*DEAD* Sorrion : Go to sin
*DEAD* Sorrion : how get invisible headshot
Sorrion : Go make your homework kids
KianMcWolfy : ;c i see we have our server tryhard already
BITE THE PILLOW : meer is scaring :p
*DEAD* BITE THE PILLOW : you scared me meer x)
[RBX]Hlarmy1 : Meer The Aimbotting ♥♥♥♥
jimbobjo : meer is legit
meer : lol
*DEAD* [RBX]Hlarmy1 : sure
*DEAD* [RBX]Hlarmy1 : Legit As My Arse
*DEAD* U r stupid : nice aimbot
U r stupid : still better than wallhacking
Xjurwi: meercats beeing apoopy turd farthead sucking butt pee
-(B)- Hero : TRYHARD ♥♥♥♥ BAGS
KiLLeRkO : cheats on? :D
*DEAD* BEN YAKISIKLIYIM : orosbu yeter
● *DEAD* sullemor : nice hacks bruh
*DEAD* Ikarhan : meer pls
Ikarhan : meer no
*DEAD* Ikarhan : meer is OP
Ikarhan : killed meer two times I think ? worth
Ardacos : Can you die meer
*DEAD* R0M41K[Moscow Ckolens] : WH
*DEAD* R0M41K[Moscow Ckolens] : NICE
*DEAD* R0M41K[Moscow Ckolens] : IDIOTTO
● meer : :)))
LittleeCaesar : i want to your dad
bad and boujee : MEER GET CANCER
bad and boujee : STUPID ♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* bad and boujee : 300 hrs 1 in team ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stupid hax
*DEAD* bad and boujee : learn to play kurwo
*DEAD* bad and boujee : hope you die
*DEAD* bad and boujee : chuju
*DEAD* R A C H ︻芫═─── | {LINK REMOVED} : this trash negev abusers of ♥♥♥♥
*DEAD* R A C H ︻芫═─── | {LINK REMOVED} : you take AIDS negev abuser
*DEAD* R A C H ︻芫═─── | {LINK REMOVED} : take aids negev abuser
GeraltofRivia : meer i see you are either a hackker a f2p or just a great player
GeraltofRivia : 72 points? lel
E.R. On The Radio : meer make us a favor and go to competitive
Toad | Bradley : nah meer suck my bum
*DEAD* ⓉⒽⓇⒶⓁⓁ : meer are you a smurf?
*DEAD* Meer : no
*DEAD* ⓉⒽⓇⒶⓁⓁ : so you are hax ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ idiot
*DEAD* RWDream Cookie : ♥♥♥♥ u
*DEAD* RWDream Cookie : jumping idiot
*DEAD* fk : stop it meer :(
*DEAD* Griezejs. : meer 300 iq
FeuerFox : MEER....verpiss dich du sau
Ace : im gonna mess. you. UP.
*DEAD* Relentless Banana : ♥♥♥♥♥ can u dont
● Taras‎ : he şs hack report all
*DEAD* Taras‎ : you are son of ♥♥♥♥♥ hacker
*SPEC* #97 hh : when i see your shots jon
*SPEC* #97 hh : i wanna uninstall game really
*SPEC* #97 hh : !Add
*SPEC* #97 hh : !add
*DEAD* Spenga Benga : Jon can you see this?
jon : ?
*DEAD* Spenga Benga : Testing if you're a cheater bot
jon : no
*DEAD* Spenga Benga : since you look suspicious
● *DEAD* victim card‎ : WH!!!!!
● *DEAD* drink water‎ : You got me
● *DEAD* victim card‎ : VAC!!!!!
● victim card‎ : meer, the biggest ni ****
CupCat : Why do i get the feeling Scolio is cheating?
*DEAD* CupCat : Kick scolio
*DEAD* hotfuse : чит
● 𝕽𝖆𝖋𝖋𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖑‎ : u r a smurf or a cheat
● *DEAD* Rati‎ : MEER what is your really rank?
● *DEAD* Rati‎ : mg?
● Rati‎ : real rank?
● *DEAD* L1ght3r‎ : nice cheat
● *DEAD* 𝕽𝖆𝖋𝖋𝖆𝖊𝖑𝖑‎ : ez? with a cheater on the team its ez
new team charlie : BEAST

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CRANKY KONG Jan 14 @ 8:31am 
(this would be a conversation if you turned into a bee and then stung a cow)

bee: buzz buzz
cow: moo
bee: *sting*
cow: MOO
cow: moo
cow: moo
cow: moo
cow: moo
cow: moo
(now read the dialogue backwards 💔)
CRANKY KONG Dec 27, 2022 @ 3:23am 
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If you are a beautiful cute femboy kitten, someone will put this in your comments.
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SD:) Dec 17, 2022 @ 2:08am 
etf2l cup
Divine Nov 28, 2022 @ 9:50am 
♥♥♥♥♥♥ how dare you delete me
temrane.5555 Nov 18, 2022 @ 2:35pm 
658 COMMENTS???????????????????????????????????????????? THATS MORE THAN THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD !
CRANKY KONG Nov 18, 2022 @ 2:30pm 
woah, even 657 comment, am i perhaps in the presence of a,,, celebrity?