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Elliot 'Supreme Gentleman' Rodgers   Barendrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
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Crusader Cucks 2: I aint paying for no dlc edition

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The Lizard Xing Sep 7 @ 1:31pm 
moderators this is my fake account delete it please
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Skype group disbanded It has where I'm from.Skype group
The Lizard Xing Jul 30 @ 2:14pm 
The Creaslers Greed - A man left out in the wilderness is a man run aground. Other than the large black spiked zombies, the men of the Badage hunt down the mens brain. The Creaslers Greed is an organisatrion that specialzes in finding the key to all of the black spiked madness by using extreme methodes, such as stringing a man out by several meteres, before running the eclipse of the maids discovery. Using the sin of men, they run the meszoica and do the lords work.

wild man stranded man. Except for large black spikes from the zombie is a male brain man. Creaslers specializing in extreme technology including the spike in the number of threads to search for all organizations of the crazy black "m" key.
The Lizard Xing Jul 30 @ 2:08pm 
The man lost his anger Edmons Reaseman Painthead algae, tactical design All the coasts of crustaceans and his scan is an important explanation. He was a broken priest, his presence is like a sword, the black sword in the dark, the siege of Yukkerborough
The Lizard Xing Jul 30 @ 2:07pm 
The Edmons Greaseman - Designed to direct the lords fart, he uses carpfish tactics of scanning the algae for the lost mans painthead throughout the shore of men. He has a strange directionial pattern which encompasses the corrupt priest in his swordlike existance, daggering the siege of Yukkerborough, by some strange invention involving the darkside of the egg to topple the invaiding regime, ran by 5 brothers. He lives a life of sin and repents the dark lords brain.
The Lizard Xing Jul 30 @ 2:04pm 
“We estimate the game will be in early access for 12-16 months.”