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Unlocked Oct 15 @ 9:58pm

It's Alive!

Breach the BSL-4 Research Ward
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:10pm

Machines Can Expire Too

Breach the Military Junkyard
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:23pm


Breach the Uranium Mines
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 3:03pm


Breach the Hazardous Waste Landfill
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 6:39pm

There's Something in Those Trees

Breach the Botanical Gardens
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 5:06am

We Need to Go Deeper

Breach the Leviathan Reef Base
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 7:41am

Stakeholder Meating

Breach the Relith Science HQ
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 7:50am

Water Under the Bridge

Breach the Bridge of the Leviathan Reef Base
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 11:46am


Breach the Nuclear Power Plant
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 12:19pm

War... War Never Changes

Breach the Armored Warfare Facility
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 12:59pm

4 8 15 16 23 42

Breach the Bunker
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:55pm

The New Reality

Carry on, my wayward son
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:17pm

A Cerebral Feast

Harvest your first ripe juicy head
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 9:55pm

Flesh of Prey

Nourish yourself
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 12:30pm

One Monster, One Jar

Gain access to 1 Containment Unit
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:06pm

Jarring Experience

Gain access to 3 Containment Units
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:39pm

Jean-Michel Jar

Gain access to 6 Containment Units
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 10:14pm

The Derelict

Relive the First Flashback Sequence
Unlocked Oct 16 @ 3:12pm

The Perfect Organism

Relive the Second Flashback Sequence
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 7:56am

Get to the Choppa!

Relive the Final Flashback Sequence


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