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if you add me comment on my profile why. i do Concept Art
here is my :DSTtophat: Twitter :DSTtophat:
Workshop Showcase
- "Live - Hair" Style: Paintable hair
- Facial flexes
- Albedo tint on the golden parts

Thanks to DJB2401 for the name!
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Status - Pending, Created by - Big Bob, TheLazerSofa, and Leg4Me
Workshop Showcase
Honk Honk!

All your clowning around has payed off! Everyone nose you're the funniest class!
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Status - Pending, Created by - TaterMan and TheLazerSofa
Saint Lombax Akatsuki Na'vi Nov 23 @ 1:53pm 
Added to talk :)
Kosem Nov 15 @ 12:20am 
charlie407 Oct 16 @ 9:51am 
Zeugziumy Oct 10 @ 7:36pm 
Well, I visited your Twitter profile and that basically confirmed that it's truly the concept art. Thanks!
Zeugziumy Oct 10 @ 5:01pm 
Hi. Can you confirm if this is the concept art for the Travel Agent? You are credited as the concept artist for the taunt, so.
I mean, it looks like it, but I wanted to confirm to add to the Wiki.
Yogurt Oct 6 @ 11:39am 
The workshop page for The Safety Stripes shows it being compatible with other shirt cosmetics such as The Veteran's Attire.

It's not and I'm hoping you can get a fix on this (assuming you can do anything). It can't be worn with any shirt cosmetics at all, it says they conflict with each other.