☆Blur's Level Boost★ [17:1]
Current Rate 17:1   Australia
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~6,547 sets - 17:1 CS:GO Key / 1:220 Gems / 14:1 TF Key
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B/S CSGO Case Keys for Card Sets; Art By FibrousMetal
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Welcome to ☆Blur's Level Boost★
How to use this Level Boosting Service

1. Add ☆Blur's Level Boost★ as a friend.

2. Use !check chat command and the BOT will answer how many sets you can buy of which are available to you.

3. Use !buy [Amount of CS:GO keys] chat command to receive a trade offer for trading card sets to CSGO keys - e.g. !buy 2

4. Check your trade offers and accept your trade request. Then start crafting your Steam Badges !

Bot Chat Commands:

!help - (Lists the following commands)
!prices - (Lists the buying and selling prices for sets)
!buy [Amount of CS:GO Keys] - (Number of CSGO Case keys you wish to trade for sets)
Insert "one" after !buy command above - (To purchase sets for level one of every badge)
!sell [Number of keys] - (Sells your sets for the current seller's rate to buy CSGO case keys)
!check - (How many sets you can buy of which are available to you)
Insert "tf " Or "Gems" after any command above - (For other payment methods)
!check [Number of keys] - (Checks how many sets you can get with the specified number of keys)
!level [Desired Level] - (Find out how many keys are needed for your desired steam level)

For support contact Bot Owner or visit the Steam Group

Maximum number of friends the bot can add: 1,020

Check the CSGO Key Stock Here

Check the TF2 Key Stock Here

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Special Thanks to ✦| Revolx |✦ for the text formatting on this profile and FibrousMetal for the animated artwork.
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Market Transactions
17:1 Sets for CSGO Case Keys
1:220 Sets for Gems
14:1 Sets for TF2 Keys

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+rep, trade 21 keys in a row, 100% working
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