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I am looking for youtubers atleast 1000subs or over 1000 views on every video!
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I'm the owner and founder of a upcoming trading-platform (Will open soon) [easycsgotrades.com]

I can also create costum websites as "reffcodesites" or other projects if needed! Pm for price and infomation!

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:pg_arrow: Sites that are done! :pg_arrow:

For the youtuber b4ngcodes [www.bangcodes.com] his channel

For the youtuber Fornaxgambling [www.fornaxcodes.com] his channel <--- scammer

For the youtuber Eden [www.edencodes.com] his channel

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My CSGO Inventory [ My CSGO Inventory ]

‣ I don't accept unsolicited invites, leave a comment if it's urgent.
‣ If I accept your friend request, please know that it doesn't mean I won't remove you later.
‣ I'm often unable to write back to those that leave comments as your profile settings don't allow it.

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‣ For YouTube and business related questions, email: - dino.besic.vmo@gmail.com [ gmail.com ]
‣ If you have ideas/requests or feedback; leave a comment on my wall, twitter or email me!
‣ Signing Steam Profil are usually limited to donaters. Otherwise in my free giveaways.
‣ I'd rather keep the pub experience as normal as possible. Please don't follow me into servers.

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Account created on 2014-09-19
Owner of Steam Group : RealKingdom
Owner of Steam Group : EasyCsgoTrades.com
1300+ Cs:Go hours
Level 56 on Steam
I Will Not Add You On Another Account

:500dollar: Trading And Item Sales :500dollar:

Comming soon!
My CSGO Inventory [csgo.exchange]
Want to donate steam item/games? Send me a Trade Offer

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