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A Way Out of Here

Escaped from the prisons
Unlocked Jul 2 @ 7:57pm

Two Halves

Escaped from the chasm
Unlocked Jul 2 @ 8:52pm


Escaped from the deep dungeons
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 2:07pm

Blood Sport

Assisted in escaping from the trials
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 2:30pm

This Takes Two

Escaped from the Jesters' Toybox
Unlocked Jul 10 @ 3:00pm

Mind Games

Escaped from the Jesters' realm
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 7:48pm

Escape Royale

Escaped from the keep
Unlocked Jul 11 @ 7:51pm

Capitulum Carnival

Solved the riddles
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 7:06pm

Guess Whomst?

Discovered the realms' defiance
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 7:34pm

Refrain of Resistance

Discovered the secrets of the Resistance
Unlocked Jul 12 @ 7:59pm

Best Friends Forever

Invite a friend to play We Were Here Forever!
Unlocked Jul 2 @ 7:47pm


Assisted in escaping from the deep dungeons

Live Entertainment

Survived the trials

Get A Head of Yourself

Assisted in solving the riddles

The Royal Graveyard

Entered the Royal Cemetery

Obsolete Obol

Unlocked the catacombs

Grave Sins

Assisted in unlocking the treasure vault

Descendants Inheritance

Unlocked the treasure vault

X Marks the Plot

Assisted in discovering hidden treasures

Cache Chase

Discovered hidden treasures

The Seer

Obtained the lens of the Astrolabe

The Ruins of Rockbury

Entered the Ruins of Rockbury


Realigned the light beam

Bangle Angle

Assisted in discovering Rockbury's secret


Discovered Rockbury's secret

The Coordinator

Obtained the rete of the Astrolabe

The Sunken Mines

Entered the Sunken Mines


Assisted in navigating the sunken mines

Aquatic Claustrophobic

Navigated the sunken mines

Connecting the Dots

Refueled the Nautilus

Diplomatic Entity

Assisted in negotiations with the guardian

Monster Bargain

Negotiated with the guardian

Dome of Creation

Reforged the base of the Astrolabe

The Foundation

Obtained the base of the Astrolabe

The Solution

Unlocked the Bell Tower


Restored the device


Paid the ultimate price


Escaped.. but at what cost?

One Must Remain

Escaped from Castle Rock