Jan Hedzer   Netherlands
What is time without space to spend it?
What is space without time to explore it?
Time and space are somehow connected to eachother.
But there is only one hero who can serve and protect both...

The Hero of Time and Space
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A very challenging roguelike with endless possibilities. Expect to meet many characters and face many dangers, from difficult battles to merciless traps. This game has everything (and beyond) it needs to be amazing.

Great skills are required to beat the game. Fortunately you will learn them sooner or later. You will eventually become a hero when you died countless times trying to be something else. And even for the people who are already heroes, there are also hardcore bosses which will frustrate even the most skilled players. Be warned!

You will have to spend some time to learn how to survive this game, but a great reward awaits: infinite amount of fun! I recommend this game to anybody!
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