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whowho 18 AGO a las 10:51 a. m. 
my good friend synz :)
ScArEcRoW 2 JUL a las 5:11 a. m. 
tell Jarome he gets carried every week by Cleary
cuhz 8 JUN a las 9:28 p. m. 
Just got off the phone with my cousin Jarome Luai, he said hello :eli:
Luigi hehe 24 MAY a las 10:55 p. m. 
hi mate, can you add me real quick for some gay segg?
Auzii 13 ABR a las 5:48 a. m. 
Heisenberg 3 MAR a las 5:21 a. m. 
*thinks he's pro
*gets killed by bot