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when ever you feel down, like me right now, take a sip of coffee, have a donut, and have the evidence of your day in front of you so you can look back and reflect. i have to gernades here, so i know i bombed someone. i have a shiny gun, so i knew i had fun in america, since its legal. i have a donut, which means i can eat. i have coffee, so now i can drink...this is all you need. then, you need to lift up the coffee and sip, like so...<splash>....and remember to take off your helmet, not just your armoured pants....ow. and that donut is really getting to me. i should take a bite.......and now its on my face. i have a giant donut on my face, and hot liquid on my lap, and i want my coffe and donut...oh well, every day has something bad happen, right?...<tries to take a sip of coffee>...<spalsh>...OWOWOWOWHOTHOT HOTTTT!!!!!!<drops mug> oh come on! <hits plate off table by accident>.....can this day get any worse? <tummy gurgles>.....darn

i was on a trip to see the moon, you see. i had been looking foward all my life to this trip. "the trip when no one and nothing CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO! as soon as i get into that building to get ready for lift off, im FREE!"... Or so i thought. first came the metal detector. it went off as me and some frail old lady with a chiuaua in her purse wa;ked through. being seven foot eight and this old lady was five foot nothing, i pointed out the obvious, the reason the detector went off... that puppy had a knife. so the dog was arrested, but not without a fight. three police officers lost their pride and several had their ankles bitten. with that out of the way, i decided to head up up to the elevator. however, it was me and afamily of five. their baby was holding a nice blue balloon... (im so jealous!) when the doors closed, the "weight occupancy limit reached" sign appeared. i knew i had to take action and lower the weight in the elevator. so, i did what anyone would do... i popped the balloon. with that out of the way, the elevator SHOUD HAVE been able to go up, but for some reason it wouldnt. my armour only weighs three tons, so i should be okay. i ended up taking the stairs. the elevator music, "its a SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL," was starting to get to me... and it was a small elevator after all. it took three hours, but i finally reached my desired floor: parking level one. it was a lot of work going down one flight of stairs... my boots are so big...actually, the stairs were too tiny. anyway, i got down to kiss my baby goodbye... my fire lane that i park in because no one else ever does... we had some good time together, and encountered a lot of fights with tow trucks... but it was time to say goodbye in a way only i could. i lifted all the to people's cars and put them in the fire lane. gotta keep my little parking space warm, after all! with that aside, i went forward, and outside (after five hours up the stairs) i met the secretary. i asked when i would be going and she said, "the movie is over."
i guessed they aired it early. so, i went back to my car, now parked in "expecting mothers" parking space (i was expecting an angry mother from the elevator earlier, after all). i felt sad as i looked and saw all those cars that were once in the fire lane being towed away... guess they all ran out of fuel.

all in all, a good day. i saved the public from an evil chiuaua, rescued a family from being trapped in an elevator by a ballon, and helped all the staff get their cars moved to safety. i do good work.
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