The Gentlemann's Fedora
Spencer Tomsett   United States
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The Gentlemann's Fedora: You still scaring kids with that Barney costume?
I Love You, You Love Me [2098]: Kids love me! They always sing and dance when I am around :]
The Gentlemann's Fedora: Even with that scary profile picture of yours?
The Gentlemann's Fedora: As well as the swearing, drinking, crushing kids, stubbing your toe and shouting fuck?
The Gentlemann's Fedora: All those incidents and kids still love barney?
I Love You, You Love Me [2098]: Well, the ones that were born recently, not the older ones that know better xP
The Gentlemann's Fedora: That's sick
I Love You, You Love Me [2098]: XD

The Gentlemann's Fedora: Dat name though
50 Shades of May(o) =2098=: :D
The Gentlemann's Fedora: Lemme guess, you're gonna show me your "play room" now
50 Shades of May(o) =2098=: lmao!
50 Shades of May(o) =2098=: i think i'd get arrested XD
The Gentlemann's Fedora: No, where you have your xbox
The Gentlemann's Fedora: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING
The Gentlemann's Fedora: SAMANTHA! :O
50 Shades of May(o) =2098=: LMAO
The Gentlemann's Fedora: XD

The Gentlemann's Fedora: Surprisingly, the U.K. is the largest profit country for Starbucks even though the U.S.A. consumes a shitton of coffee
The Gentlemann's Fedora: You guys love tea WAY more than we love coffee XD
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: I acctually do not like tea.
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: I love coffee
The Gentlemann's Fedora: You're an aussie or zelander, then. TRAITOR! XD
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: SHIT HE KNOWS
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: I'VE BEEN HAD
The Gentlemann's Fedora: That's going on my profile's "Best chat moments"
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: I'm giggling.
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: God damnit
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: Worst part is New Zeland and sheep...
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: SHIET
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: I'VE REALLY BEEN FUCKING HAD
[ᴹsᴳ]Fluffy Butt Sheep: FUCK

Clayface: so many 12 year olds in the server
Clayface: ahhhh gives me aids
The Festive Fedora Wonder: Yep
The Festive Fedora Wonder: WHAT
Clayface: yea im not kidding its like a sack of aids
The Festive Fedora Wonder: WHAT THE
Clayface: ......................
Clayface: never heard that saying
Clayface: lol
The Festive Fedora Wonder: NO
The Festive Fedora Wonder: NEVER
Clayface: hahahah
The Festive Fedora Wonder: WHO SAYS THAT?
Clayface: thats an AUSSIE thing
Clayface: Aussies

The Gentlemann's Fedora: Figured you might like to know this, we're 6 boxers away from filling the EU Finals bracket with Europe-based Heavy Boxers. Once that happens, we will have every S8 tournament full with a good list of backups for each.
King Baxus: noice
King Baxus: I'll join the EU Finals
The Gentlemann's Fedora: Conflict of interest, so no
King Baxus: My interest is becoming the greatest king of all times
King Baxus: so this is in no way a conflict to me
The Gentlemann's Fedora: 1. You're based in Kenfucky, so you'd immediately be on the backup roster.
King Baxus: KENFUCKY
The Gentlemann's Fedora: 2. Clayface would resign and/or fire any staff member who participates in an NHBL tournament.
The Gentlemann's Fedora: 3. SELF-PROCLAIMED
The Gentlemann's Fedora: So you are ok with meeting me in person? Sweet
The Gentlemann's Fedora: I'll buy lunch
King Baxus: SO FAR
The Gentlemann's Fedora: Toejam. Tasty

National Heavy Boxing League
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Hello! I'm The Gentlemann's Fedora, Owner and Founder of the National Heavy Boxing League.

Before you add me:
For NHBL-related inquires, all dates and times are listed in the NHBL Rulebook and/or on the NHBL Steam Group. Any NHBL Rules and Regulations are in the NHBL Rulebook and I should NOT be asked any questions about them unless an interpretation is needed. If your inquiry does not meet the above criteria, you MUST contact the following people:

International Series, NHBL European Finals: Ridge first, Clayface second
Officiating: Disco DJ first, Snake second
Commentating: King Baxter first, Bran Flakes second
Livestreaming: Bran Flakes
USA Fight Nights: King Baxter first, Sins second
EU Fight Nights: Ridge first, Spogo second
Map: HueZee first, Tonybear second

Each of these person's profiles can be found through the NHBL Steam Group. If the rare chance comes that your question cannot be answered by the listed staff above, you MUST leave a comment on my profile BEFORE sending me a friend request stating you were sent over by one or more of the staff AND it must state the reason you're contacting me. Comments saying "Added for NHBL" are ones I won't take as valid.

(In all honesty, I'm usually not this harsh and have added everyone that comments on my profile in the past, but the league has become so busy that I do not have the time to answer every individual question and comment when the wonderful staff I have can easily answer it for you.)

Now, if you care to know more about me, here's some stoof:

Steam Name: The Gentlemann's Fedora (Different variations based on holidays)
Real Name: Spencer Tomsett (Do NOT call me by my real name unless you've met me in person)

Ways you can verify I am The Gentlemann's Fedora:
- I am listed as the Owner in the NHBL Steam Group
- My SteamRep Profile [] has no marks & notes me as "Owner/Founder of National Heavy Boxing League"
- I am level 44 on my Steam Account (as of 3/17/19)
- I am only a member of groups that are Official Sponsors of the NHBL, the NHBL main & staff groups, RepTF, Kritzkast, We Look For Things, and The Brotherhood of Fedoras.
- My custom Steam Profile URL ends with "thegentlemannsfedora"

Current Occupations:
National Heavy Boxing League Owner and Founder (Proudly so :D)
Steam Trading Card Collector (See Below)
TF2 Player
Sports Commentator (Voice of 8-Man Extreme & the Columbia State Community College Chargers, aspiring to become the Play-by-Play Commentator for the Super Bowl on CBS, NBC, or FOX.)
DoorDash, Postmates, & UberEats Deliverer (If you're around Middle Tennessee, I might just bring your food to your door. You better tip me.)
YouTuber (Host of PizzaFortressGaming)

Former/Less-Active Occupations:
BioShock Remastered Survivor (Probably will start back up soon)
Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Survivor (Survived, no need to try and die again)
Payday 2 Robber (Don't call me a thief, that's a racial slur)
Sam and Max's Personal Assistant (Telltale Games needs to make Season 4)
Poker Night Card Shark (Still stuck on one achievement that I clearly got in-game but it screwed me over. Loot at the first game's screenshots of mine)
Outcast Bronys Head Admin
SulfurousChain Servers Group Manager
SulfurousChain's Server Senior Moderator
Bonk's Fun Box Co-Owner & Group Manager
Equestrian Sentinels Moderator
Soccer Goalkeeper

I have a desire to level up my Steam account so I can get more boxes on my profile! If you have Steam Cards you aren't using, PLEASE give them to me! :D
Favorite Group
Work Hard, Punch Harder. More Rubble, Less Trouble.
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Rebbit :balloonicorn:
|TvM| Bobbyp02 Mar 4 @ 6:54pm 
Added cuz admin of THWU
TheShadow Jan 26 @ 5:56pm 
Hello, Gentleman, I hear you require my services, to make a "project" If this is true please accept my request, on steam and discord. I prefer you contact me on discord, please. I have more access there cause I have college and the college blocks the steam servers so yea...

(Note I have sent you a request on discord so do not worry about finding me there.)
sans.gaming.tf2 Jan 16 @ 1:03pm 
Thank you!
The Gentlemann's Fedora Jan 16 @ 9:56am 
@Noodles Whichever position you want to apply for, click “League Information” on the group’s profile and it will point you in the right direction. Applications are currently closed for Heavy Boxers in the major circuit but the minor circuit NHBL Fight Nights are always open for people to participate in.
sans.gaming.tf2 Jan 16 @ 6:35am 
Hello! Sorry for the sudden add, but a pal of mine who is one of the EU NHBL champions(he goes by Retro_) sent me your way to discuss possible enrollment into the league! (I read your info box, hopefully I’m not too much of a bother—). Hopefully you could help me out... but if I cannot join, I would be happy to find another way to be part of this wonderful organization of Heavy Boxers! I do art/SFM and I’ve been told I’d be a decent commentator, so please do let me know if I can help out in anyway possible! <3