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Posted: Sep 14, 2021 @ 1:15pm

As other reviews will mention Deathloop runs on Dishonored 2's engine which, while gorgeous, has ridiculously nigh unplayable microstuttering due to how it processes mouse movements and framerate. Obviously this is something that should have been caught during development especially considering it's launch date, delays, and the current expectations of PC gaming and optimization. There are tweaks you can perform to minimize these issues and after those are taken care of you can play it with relatively few hiccups.

Performance issues aside, I mostly play games on lower settings to get better framerates at 1080p. I'm one of the rare people who is perfectly fine with 1080p60fps as long as the game runs fine and looks decent. At the very least I can get that out of Deathloop on my 1070ti on a SSD.

It's a brilliant immersive sim/roguelite that requires you to really think outside of the box on how to approach your targets while simultaneously being hunted by either an AI enemy or another real player who's goal is to screw up your plans. It feels like an evolution of what the Nightmare from Prey was supposed to be, and a more action-oriented AI than the Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation (Alien Isolation... A:I... AI... haha).

I'm not terribly far into it but at the current point I've gotten access to some interesting powers and I'm excited to see how I can use them. The AI itself isn't terribly difficult to deal with but I have died a few times due to underestimating how easy it is to get overwhelmed. I like playing aggressively stealthy and I like not having to deal with Dishonored's Chaos System which punished you for any combat. While combat is mostly the focus here, everything is fleshed out well enough and I enjoy using the environment to advance and navigate the world. I'll have to update this one as I go.
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