Ashlyn   Georgia, United States
i'm a motherfucking brick
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Profile pic done by a friend on discord by the name of Drenn, the protogen I own (and the one that will soon be featured on my profile) is done by my friend Weordeip.
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Heyyy~! Welcome to my profile!
Hello you beautiful bastards, welcome to my profile!
Adding Rules

- Go ahead and add me but I will decline if you do not have friends in common with me and/or are below level 10
- I only block people if they've become a nuisance to me, so only in rare cases do I block someone
- I only unblock people if I feel bad about my decision or if I made a poor judgement call on them as a person
- I will not accept adds just to be hit on or do RPs and ERPs, don't bother, I'll always say no or weasel out of it so save me the trouble
Great people
D = Discord
S = Steam
DS = Discord and Steam

Luxx <3 (D)
AmethystDaAbsol (S)
Cryo/LunarBoat (DS)
AuraGuy (DS)
Soup (D)
Snoot (D)
Koyljen (DS)
VxWolf (DS)
GreenSpade (DS)
Blunkn (DS)
Esuna (DS)
Things I like

- Games, mostly Singleplayer and Co-op
- Achieving something great, everyone loves this feeling right?
- Flattery, makes me blush even if it's fake as fuck
- Music, specifically Metal and EDM, if you mix both of them I'll be happy
- Hanging out with my friends, it feels good to have some company
- Making people smile, whether it be through comedy or being genuine
- Pursuing a hobby of mine, even if I unintentionally did it
- Meeting new people, provided they aren't assholes
Things I hate

- Being forced into doing something I'm not comfortable with
- Losing friends, it always sucks when this happens
- Meeting some of the worst people in games, you don't have to be toxic just to teach people how to play the game, and just don't blame people for your fuck-ups
- Crowded places, I often stay out of locations with like 7 or more people because I hate social interaction
- Having my trust abused, this happens more than I'd like

Ok well steam fucked this section thanks to the new ui but basically all you need to know is that i’m always depressed and that i don’t want you to message me when i’m ingame because i will ignore you
About me

- My name is Ashlyn, but I also have a few nicknames that I like which you can call me, those are: Ash, Ashy, Ashley, Furry TrAsh, and any other Ash pun you can make
- I'm a female furry which is probably not that hard to see
- I have a few hobbies, those being: gaming, writing, modding, and hording ancient stuff
- I listen to music a lot, and music sometimes can have an emotional control on me, my favourite artists are: KoRn, Knife Party, Pendulum, and Tristam
- Speaking of that, i'm extremely controlled by my emotions and my personality changes with how my emotions are set out. I am extremely inconsistent personality wise once you really get to know me. My mood also swings a lot so often I'll suddenly shift tones, personalities, and moods.
- I have anorexia which has severely limited my physical activity, i'm not fat mind you since i'm extremely lightweight and bony
- I do not take part in any fandom aside from the Furry Fandom and even then I don't do fursuits
- I'm often quick to attach to people leading me to rush things with people like friendships
- I don't take kindly to flirts from random people, or what seem like flirts. I don't like it one bit
- I'm very kinky, which I shouldn't be saying provided what I literally just said above me, but this is my profile so I'll say what I want
- I'm a bit sociopathic and rather masochistic
- I'm extremely depressed and that too controls how I am
- I'll probably block you if you call me a trap or some shit like that, i'm tired of that being memed by my friends and I don't care if I have to lose friends over it
- I've got a smidgen of a power complex, I like rising through the ranks of discord servers I avidly take part in but i'm not corrupt by any stretch of the imagination
- I'm extremely submissive and only outside of the kink stuffs do I actually put up for myself
- I'm extremely self-loathing, that's all there is to this information
- I won't play games with you if you invite me unless, once again, you're on my great people list, shocking I know
- I'm very protective of my friends and will do anything to better how they feel physically or emotionally as long as it isn't whoring myself out

Other neat places you can find me at

My gmail [gmail.com]
Furry Trashlyn#0001 My discord
Follow me on twitter @sylverium
Reddit is u/sylverium
My unused Blizzard account is Sylverium#1205
Try and have a good visit even if I turn your add down, I put a lot of effort into this profile and it'd be a shame if it went unnoticed.
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