New South Wales, Australia
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One time Super Smash Bros. Melee local Champion.
bub 2017年12月1日 14時35分 
a fellow shroovie
TAVRAX 2017年9月13日 3時26分 
A loud expression involving the pronunciation of the letter "A" of a subjective chemically induced feeling usually indicating damage to biological tissue, also known as pain! I am in urgent need of certain chemical compounds located in plastic containers or resembling a cylindrical device equipped with a sharp metal tip which application is to penetrate a human's outer layer of organic tissue and insert the cylinders content into red fluid containing oxygen, nutrients and carbon dioxide weaved together to form a mesh used to cover up and protect damaged areas of a human's organs and muscles not usually exposed to the outside environment from other physical damage or infection, being stored in a woven or tailored receptacle commonly referred to as a "bag" in this case however intended to aide with immediate life threatening emergencies caused by physical damage to the human body and therefore prevent death.
RayZel 2017年8月27日 1時46分 
Herp a derp a derp
WRYYYYY 2016年3月12日 23時46分 
+rep :offspring:
Haelise 2015年4月12日 18時08分 
+rep exceptionally amicable fellow, 10/10 would consume tea and compare monocles with
CarsInTheSky 2015年3月29日 4時18分 
+rep fast trade and we got past a trade server barrier easily :Lili: