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*after we win a doubles game as luigi*
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: please swap ffs
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: ur character is pure cancer

*I picks mr. game and watch*
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: can we play real chars.........
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: hes literally a sheet of paper
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: cmon
◀ [Das Koo (port 2)]: nou
◀ [Das Koo (port 2)]: this is how i melee
▶ [iodjsgp (port 1)]: pathetic

crikey dingo mate fair dinkum

Swag Swag Yeet Yeet Yeet fam ravioli

✓✓✓some gOod☐☐sHit right✓there✓✓

lookit da FLiCKa daT WRiST

aw HeLl YeAh

I wonder who owns #1996 of those gentle mann service medals...

From this day forward, 30/04/2016,
never again will anyone say "valve doesn't listen."

TAVRAX: 9 years in development
TAVRAX: 9 years since launch
TAVRAX: and we still complain

A: the chat group
A: its public
A: anyone can join
A: join it
B: where is it?
A: dunno

*DEAD* Good_AU : dr mario = a god

DEAD*(TEAM) kenji : very brave jojo pootis

[XVIIX]: n1 reap

[Psyduck]: i got battle mercied and i've never been so scared of a doc mario

LPG: that's the wisest thing i have ever heard
LPG: the average player is pretty average

*accidentally types steam mobile code into twitch chat*
HarryGCollections: i will never forget your wise words @TheDoctorMario_
TheDoctorMario_: LUL
HarryGCollections: nbq2p Indeed raysQ

TAVRAX: oh and also again
TAVRAX: the second also in a miriad of alsos


Notable items I once had or still have in my TF2 backpack:
- Bubbling Naper's Nespite (1st unusual unbox)
- Orbiting Planets Human Cannonball (traded for it but got hijacked from me)
- Team Spirit Bill's Hat
- Prof. Killstreak Australium Rocket Launcher (Team Shine Incinerator)
- Spec. Killstreak Australium Grenade Launcher (Hot Rod)
- Spec. Killstreak Australium Tomislav (Team Shine)
- Killstreak Australium Scattergun
- Australium Force-A-Nature
- Unusual Toadstool Topper with Starstorm Insomnia effect
- Second buying of an Australium Grenade Launcher, added Agonizing Emerald Spec. Killstreak around 6 months later.
- Australium Stickybomb Launcher, currently killstreak-less.

Shieeet, you made it to the end of the read more thingy, good job!
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A loud expression involving the pronunciation of the letter "A" of a subjective chemically induced feeling usually indicating damage to biological tissue, also known as pain! I am in urgent need of certain chemical compounds located in plastic containers or resembling a cylindrical device equipped with a sharp metal tip which application is to penetrate a human's outer layer of organic tissue and insert the cylinders content into red fluid containing oxygen, nutrients and carbon dioxide weaved together to form a mesh used to cover up and protect damaged areas of a human's organs and muscles not usually exposed to the outside environment from other physical damage or infection, being stored in a woven or tailored receptacle commonly referred to as a "bag" in this case however intended to aide with immediate life threatening emergencies caused by physical damage to the human body and therefore prevent death.
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Herp a derp a derp
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+rep :offspring:
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+rep exceptionally amicable fellow, 10/10 would consume tea and compare monocles with
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