Majora   Iowa, United States
Network Engineer / Cyber Defense Associate / Free Time Developer
Former Ready Steady Pan and Match.TF Admin
Current web designer for Engineer.TF

More Info
Network Engineer in that I Engineer Networks
but only for Weebs

Discord @TheDerpySage#2049

My website:
I also run other secret websites, mostly related to trash

Websites I've worked on:
TF2 Servers and (In association with CasualTF2, Voosh) (In association with Mothership, Escalier) (In association with 200, Umbra) (In association with 200, Umbra, Papapastry)
Favorite Game
TheDerpySage Dec 8 @ 8:18am 
You cant do that I already have 3000 hours
voosh Dec 7 @ 10:28pm 
but it doesn't work that way for me im safe I have like 200 uno reverse cards if u even think about trying to logically deduce what i said earlier
voosh Dec 7 @ 10:28pm 
at 3000 hours of tf2 you become gay
TheDerpySage Nov 26 @ 10:49am 
how do you mean
MagnumBarrage Nov 25 @ 1:39pm 
listen brother, you are down bad. lmao
voosh Oct 5 @ 10:51pm