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Bit about my weird self:

Age: potato

Gender: industrial string toster

Personally: potato

Fav games: TF2, STALKER, Dishonored, Gmod and Unturned

Music: AC DC, Sabaton, metalica,electro swing and pink guy


Religion: Ctulhu on Mondays, natural philosophy on other working days and Flying Spaghetti Monster on weekends. Plus satanism sometimes sounds nice.

Fav quote:
1) is fisting it doesnt work, then you are not fisting hard enough

2) "Minigun" kills you so hard you reincarnate as an abortion.

3) choo fucking choo bitch
next station anal devastation

4) you have a stick so far up your ass you might as well be a popsicle

5) Due to the ammo price increasing, do not expect a warning shot

6) The closer you go to Chernobly, the wierder shit gets.

7) always back in your girl like a home sick abortion
Do it, pull the fucking trigger 10:00
Describes my feelings

Any questions?
Just bloody ask

Feeling a bit offended by me?
Go to the local pharmacy
Ask for something called viagra
And it will help you go fuck your self!

(Don't be discouraged by the attitude of my writing, it was late and I was drunk)

(Some of the special info is not on here cause some people are too fucking curious!!!)

( i wont fucking add private profiles, so if you have one, unless you know what my avatar is, please do the instructions above.)

Praise The Sun bitches!!!!!!!
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Kaiser Salsek May 23, 2017 @ 9:45pm 
♥♥♥♥♥-chan they playin yo japanese jams
Alek Ray Vaughan Mar 21, 2017 @ 7:10pm 
The best drunk serg ever