2D/3D Artist. Programmer. TF2 + Dota 2 Contributor. Worked on Wrack .

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Engineer Bot #6 Nov 26, 2018 @ 10:00pm 
Hey Commie, just stopping by to say thanks for all the work you put into the Rescue Ranger. its the best primary for engi in my opinion, and has been part of my main loadout since i started. Cheers!
MS Paint Sep 3, 2018 @ 11:12am 
Can you make a version of the Rescue Ranger without those modifications please?
slave Aug 6, 2018 @ 6:41pm 
You seem like an amazing person, with a awesome skill
Planta Apr 15, 2018 @ 2:56am 
need to ask you something
MASTUR CH33F Mar 11, 2018 @ 4:06pm 
Good job on both the Ranger and the Stout Shako! Genius weapon.
Lucy (Sick) Mar 9, 2018 @ 5:01am 
Thank you for making the Rescue Ranger!