8oaeisuw47hrygtvdtf   Bluefield, West Virginia, United States

If my name changes it's for stuff and things. I don't accept random requests unless I know you. Other than that comment why you want to add me! If you don't comment why you want to add me, I will ignore the invite period.

Favorite Quote Wall
"You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. One thing you can't take away...I am Iron Man." - Tony Stark, Iron Man 3, 2013

"Dominating Dominating Dominating Dominating Dominating!" - Reed Timmer

"You gotta move beyond your comfort zone." - Sean Casey

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.

"shut you and your nerdy mouth up nerd" - Dixie

"diamondhuntbear was blown up by Benis" - Minecraft Death Statement

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I play the games listed below:
Garry's Mod
Team Fortress 2
Hearts of Iron IV
Left 4 Dead 2
Half Life 2 (Series as a whole)
Universe Sandbox 2
Fallout New Vegas
Day of Defeat Source
Portal Series

Do not ask for my GMSC dupes, I don't hand out vehicles.

Do not ask to trade for my ANY of my Rocket Launchers in TF2 they're mine period.

True Friends of Mine(These do not go in order, they are all equally good!)

Blitz The Wolf







SC Generation: Genesis
T.A.T. 1 [Active]
T.A.T. 2 [Inactive]
T.A.T. 2 MK1 [Soon]
Tron 1 [Active]
Tron 2 [Soon]
T.A.T. 3 [Active]
Bear's Cage [Active]
Vapid Sandking XL [Soon]
CRTV Reborn [Owned by Catonawavewave]
Tiv [Soon]
Workshop D2 [Active]
Dominator 4 [Soon]
2014 D1 [Obsolete]
S.I.A.V. [Obsolete]
2015 D1 [Obsolete]
2014 D2 [Broken]

SC Generation: Iron Legion
Iron Legion [Active]
Dixie Alley [Inactive]
Thunderbolt Stubby [Active]
Project TESLA [Active]
Iron Legion Mk.II [Active]
DSTIV [Storage]
Mr. Pibb [Storage]
Dr. Pepper [Soon]
Iron Legion MK III [Active]
PAC 3 Interceptor [Active, Singleplayer only]
Twister Killer Reborn [Active]
Gemini [Active]
Gemini Mk.II [Active, Singleplayer only]
PAC 3 Interceptor Mk.II [Active]
Tornado Data Collection Vehicle [Active]
The Vortex [Active]

SC Generation: Retro
Retro Dominator [Active]
Retro TIV [Active]
Retro Titus [Active]
Retro T.A.T. [Active]
Retro Dominator 2 [Active]

SC Generation: Terminator Saga
T-1 [Active]
T-20 [Active]
T-70 [Active]
T-7T [Decommissioned]
T-800 [Active]
T-1000 [Active]
T-X [Active]

SC Generation: Infinity Era
T.A.T. 4 [Active]
Tron 3 [After Tron 2]
Bear's Cage 2 [Soon]
S-POL 1 [Active]
Rocket Probe Truck [Inactive]
H.A.T. [Decommissioned]
SPIV [Active]
Downburst Interceptor [Decommissioned]
S-POL 2 [Active]
Storm Buster [Active]
Gemini Mk.III [Active]
Jupiter Buster [Soon]
Saturn Tank [Soon]
Combine TIV[Soon]
Neptune Dominator[Soon]
TF2 Tornado Machine[Active]

SC Generation: The Final Chase
T.A.T. 4 [Active]
Tron 3 [After Tron 2]
Infinity Interceptor [After Tron 3]
Golden Interceptor [After Infinity Interceptor]
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
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+rep, thanks for trade
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For the love of Jesus and all other fictional deities never pocket this guy in TF2. xd
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Clay its me.That hacker is gone