Ăďöļf Čhăń
Đėşų Čhâñ   Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
00:51 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr 💊💊💊: OH NO
00:51 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr 💊💊💊: ITS A GUN
00:52 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr 💊💊💊: can you quote that in your profile
00:52 - Ăďöļf Čhăń: >i could bring it to school and take everyones lunch money
00:52 - Ăďöļf Čhăń: yeah im sure thats what the kids at Columbine thought

♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: muslims are just mad because they worship a paedo sandnigger and cant wank

20:00 - The American Orange: i like the Tornado
20:00 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: its like hurricane
20:00 - The American Orange: but i hate the tornado campaign in that mod
20:00 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: it doesnt have the looks
20:00 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: but it shoots the gooks

22:14 - JR: It's KTM
22:14 - JR: Austrian
22:14 - JR: You know
22:14 - JR: Cheese, Glock and Hitler

The American Orange: Doing lines of Quack (talking about reincarnation and being a duck.)

♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: im a melting pot of friendship
♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: today a gook smashed into me on trakc
♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: so thats my career
♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: driving into walls, occasionally winning, mostly getting hit off track by mexicans, russians, venezuelans and japanese

17:29 - Gas Powered Space Jew: https://gyazo.com/047d0d9e5bfd2ef8e38654b122ff7389
17:29 - Gas Powered Space Jew: what is happen
17:29 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: what the fuck did you do
17:29 - Gas Powered Space Jew: help
17:31 - Gas Powered Space Jew: obviously the great space jew in the sky realised that I needed the ultimate internet connection, but since my pc isnt powerful enough it could only handle it for a split second before losing connection

21:12 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: everything scares the alien
21:12 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: even emp
21:12 - Gas Powered Space Jew: pipebomb is more fun though:insurgent:

Refugee MCgee: This game is so brutal, you know what it makes me want to do?
Shas'O: What?
Refugee McGee: Shoot up a school, straight up columbine (playing DOOM)

22:32 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: charlie scene inspired by mozart
22:32 - Refugee McGee: Mozart was the original Charlie Scene

00:16 - Refugee McGee: I love the fact that the french were so desperate during the 100 years war that when this random teenage peasant girl walked up to them and was like "ayy lmao imma lead France to victory" they were just like "ayy lmao kk here have the entire french army even though we've only just met"

19:10 - Ăďöļf Čhăń:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lifes fucking pointless and
I'll probably end mine soon
19:11 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: hey hey hey its your boy killa keemstaaaart
19:11 - ♠ Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr: lets hop right into the noose

Shas'O Bongosun Mont'yr - Today at 12:06 AM
thats like if anne frank bursted out of the attic or whatever and was like "YO BITCHES GIMME A RIDE TO AUSCHWITZ"
("Oh no we aren't going to war with another superpower"
that's like being upset that you aren't going to a concentration camp) - context
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