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Originally posted by .:Jj:.:
Originally posted by #metoo btw:
Because maps need a structure

What does that even mean? What structure? Maps look and feel like real places cut out from real world,

Realism and good game design are two entirely different things.

In the case of what you're speaking of, they're even complete opposite, a good map has a structure that limits the luck factor.

A map (and a game overall) in which you can never accurately tell where you're going to be attacked from isn't good game design.

As a rule of thumb, the luck factor in a good balanced game with good game design shouldn't exceed 10%.

This is for instance why Counter-Strike will remain on top of the competitive scene probably forever, until someone's smart enough to figure out they need to design their multiplayer FPS to constantly reward various set of skills instead of going after buzzwords like "realism" or "replayability" and how "a game of x is always different from the previous one".

They always end up doing nothing more than increasing the luck factor drastically.
Love the gunplay, absolutely not a fan of hide & seek mechanics, though.
Prone itself I always thought was a garbage game mechanic and this game does nothing but reinforce that view.
Instead of just having a choice between the SUPER.... HOT. SUPER.... HOT audio or no audio at all.
Jun 21 @ 3:04pm
In topic Bazookas doing squat against Panthers
Originally posted by Hermann Ze German|♠|:
Originally posted by Isshin Ashina:

Games should be balanced, though.
But since you can barely see anything from inside a tank, I think it's fair that rockets can't destroy a tank too easily.
If you want a perfectly balanced game you need to give all classes of both sides the same loadout and call them Team Red & Team Blue.

Not really, no.
I hardly see in what world that would be necessary aside from the "I need to make a point so I'm going to equate yours to something ridiculous" dimension.
Jun 21 @ 6:36am
In topic Bazookas doing squat against Panthers
Originally posted by Hermann Ze German|♠|:
inb4 someone yells unfair and wants it to be 'balanced'

Games should be balanced, though.
But since you can barely see anything from inside a tank, I think it's fair that rockets can't destroy a tank too easily.
Originally posted by Subz:
It's the SMGs that are terrible (too situational*)

That's actually how I like it.
I don't really like WW2 shooters in which you either have to use an automatic weapon or be their victim.
I mean, fair enough but 1v1 doesn't seem that much better.

I've played a lot in this game, even though 99.9% of the time has been private games with friends, and I've found that 3 stock 1v1v1 and/or 1v1v1v1 are the absolute best.

And I'm fairly sure anyone who wouldn't call themselves part of the community would consider FFA to be the default mode, in which case the community considering 1v1 the deault really changes nothing to what I've been saying, it's holding this game back, in my opinion.

It probably causes most people not to play it that much and/or ditch it fairly rapidly.
Wouldn't it be better to just have the 3 lives system and whoever loses theirs is eliminated?
As it is right now, you can be doing all the work softening an opponent up, and someone else can reap the reward by giving them the killing blow.
Jun 20 @ 12:05pm
In topic Stuck on "PREPARING SEVER"
Wake me up when the game actually works.
Jun 20 @ 11:02am
In topic Keeps crashing.
First on the "deploy" screen from the menu.
Then mid game.
On a Ryzen 7 1700 and a GTX 1070.
Jun 18 @ 7:00am
In topic 300 people??
Originally posted by WickyFrisky:
uhm. should i buy this game or not?

Free weekend starts on Thursday, no reason to buy before that.
Jun 17 @ 6:00pm
In topic when do you dodge, parry or dash?
Originally posted by Artek General:
Everything that isn't the red symbol can - and probably should be - deflected. Just make sure to get the timings right. If your posture is dangerously low - recover it to a comfortable state.

For red symbol attacks there is no way to know from blind experience what that red symbol means in this particular case. The only solution here is practice.

Red symbol means: thrust, swipe, grab or other form of attack that shoud be avoided differently (although the latter is very rare).
Only practice and memorizing the opponent will tell you which one is coming.

Some enemies - like spear-weilders - prioritize thrusts and do them very often. Mikiri counter is the best choice here.

Interestingly enough i can't think of an enemy who exclusively has swipe attacks. Almost all of them have thrusts too and utilitize them fairly often. Swipes are countered by simply jumping over them and then face-kicking the enemy. You can even pick the direction in which to jump-off to create space.

Grabs can only be avoided by getting out of the way - by either running away or getting around the enemy (like the ogre for example).

And the "other" attacks... I cant tell you about them since they are spoilers.

Very accurate, except that thrusts attacks can be deflected, and are the only red symbol attacks that can be deflected, but that requires top notch timing.
They can be deflected but not blocked, though, be warned.
And unlock the Mikiri counter as soon as you can to deal with thrusts more efficiently.
Originally posted by X6205:
Sekiro is the weakest FromSoft game, propably done by internal B-team.. They stripped down everything what was good on Soulsborne games and delivered this mega-frustrating copy/paste assets product, to get some easy money. I will be very cautious with Elden Ring. Souls-like art style will not fool me after Sekiro = biggest disappointment of 2019..

Them crybabies still around? Three months after release?

I hope you're as "disappointed" in Elden Ring as you were in Sekiro, would be a shame if they went back to the old outdated standard they just smashed to pieces.
Originally posted by 1bigchef:
Originally posted by Isshin Ashina:

Thanks, I think I'm gonna get it after I'm done vampirizing the Microsoft game pass library. :steamhappy:

Cool. I'm having a ♥♥♥♥ tom of fun with this game. It has issues, but certainly payable and absolutely enjoyable. The best rounds are those with a squad leader that knows what he's doing and a team that talks to each other. Don't disspare if you don't find this situation every time and don't freak if your mic drops out...they're working on that.

Yeah, I've played Squad and Post Scriptum, I kinda know the drill.
Thanks, bro.
Originally posted by 1bigchef:
For the most part, yes.

Shortly there will be posts describing how they have shot some one point blank with a Kar and they didn't die...but in my experience, one shot, chest, dead, every ♥♥♥♥ing time.

Thanks, I think I'm gonna get it after I'm done vampirizing the Microsoft game pass library. :steamhappy:
Jun 15 @ 6:42pm
In topic Are those system requirements serious?
Could pull it off, with that art style, it can look nice without being too intensive.
Originally posted by guinchi02:
Originally posted by ItsaBear:
That was just me saying I hope that doesn't happen, sorry. I meant, like, they only said it's coming out sometime 2020. What if they pull some bs and say "it's coming out December 31st 2020, it's still technically 2020."

Originally posted by guinchi02:
The Devs said early 2020 on a ign vid.
early 2020 thats what they said...
hopefully no delay :v

I'm thinking of getting this but I need to know if the rifles kill in one hit or not.
I don't really like WW2 games in which you have to play with a machinegun to survive.
It's 100 players and only 1 can win, I'll call that a Battle Royale and that will be the end of it.
Originally posted by ItsaBear:
I'll be pretty upset if it's a December 2020 release date. Game looks so fun and has such a great concept. 2020 release date sucks, but that's fine. Hopefully it's early and not late. Give us a specific release date god damn you.

Who said anything about December 2020?
Sure hope you're wrong there.
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