Screw taking breaks, I'm too addicted to this God forsaken game.
TopHatCat | Delta | Duncan
What About Me?
- Knows at least 9 different programming languages.
- Well versed in Team Fortress 2 combat, gameplay, inner workings, you name it!
- Advice towards mental health. (Here's a tip, people love being around other people who are happy).
- Stupid fast learner.
- Somewhat funny, depends on who you ask.

Quick Info
If it has a good beat to it, I'm likely listening to it.
If you're looking for advice, ask on my profile.

Some Quick Advice
Remember, it's not how it appears to you, it's how it appears to others. What you do can influence them but it can't shape them.

The meaning of life is split into two paths. Biological and Self-designed.
Either you're looking for why we're all here, or you're looking for your own purpose.
Forget the bigger picture, start with your own life. What do you want to accomplish? Got a bucket list? Good, do it. Take some chances, take some risks, but be cautious.

Seek not to be known by the world, but to be remembered by your friends and family long after you're gone.

Recent Activity

6,624 hrs on record
last played on Dec 5
13.9 hrs on record
last played on Dec 5
446 hrs on record
last played on Dec 1
denzy_ Sep 30 @ 8:05am 
good spy, could use his gun more often than the kunai/knife, but still good
kazooie Jun 29 @ 11:05pm 
Really good spy, +2 chicken wraps
im big gamer (real) Jun 27 @ 2:45pm 
+rep so good i genuinly thought he was cheating for a bit
Ulthar Jun 19 @ 3:27pm 
Stinky Jun 16 @ 2:32pm 
good player
corny ass profile picture