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One-Sentence Summary
This sidescrolling non-combat adventure game is a beautifully made one hour vignette that is highly endearing, whimsical, and at moments quite touching.

+ Beautiful atmosphere, artwork, soundtrack, writing
+ Concisely explored themes of friendship & camaraderie
+ A testament that games can be short and still feel complete
+ Fun and interesting meta narrative elements
+ Unique HATS that grant special powers and popularity!

- Controls can feel slightly lagged/stiff at times
- the.kuribo ≠ the.kinubo

Final Thoughts:
This is a wonderful game that comes together very well in a concise, yet fully realized and beautifully atmospheric world. The writing is not verbose, yet it still manages to convey themes that many games with much higher budgets and longer playtimes struggle to do. This is a game that I think would capture the imagination of both young and old, and I fully intend to have my young children play through this game as the writing is simple enough that they can understand it while also picking up some of the positive thematic messages on friendship, tenacity, and achieving one's dreams through the help of others. My hats off to MonkeyMaw Games for creating this, I highly recommend Moonlight to all!
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SweetDalilah Feb 1 @ 9:34pm 
Hi! Letting you know that Steam Awards cards expire later today. Craft them into badges, sell them or turn them into gems before they expire, if you already haven't. Have a great weekend! :phoenixheart: :steamhappy:
Fet Oct 27, 2018 @ 8:12am 
Hello, kuribo. I wanted to ask if will you be returning to Guess The Game thread on SteamGifts. And should we appoint a new head honcho?
Vlad Jun 19, 2017 @ 2:24am 
You're welcome and enjoy my friend! :robodance:
Celtic7Guardian Aug 30, 2016 @ 11:36am 
Sorry for the out-of-the-blue friend invite, but if you would, please accept it before making any further purchases. You'll see why~ :kae: