Davron Burton   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I'm a modder for Fistful of Frags whilst also going into Garry's Mod stuff as well.

Other Platform Usernames:
GTA: Online - DaGamingLoyalist - Loyalist (Good luck trying to find it in a whole database with hundreds of people with that name)
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Welcome to my Profile.

If you've adding me, leave a comment with an acceptable reason, if the reason is inadequate, your invite will be ignored, repetitively spamming invites will result in a block. If you know me in person, let me know what your username is and I'll allow the invite.

Examples of a bad invite reason:
- Because you want more friends in your friends list.
- Because of my artwork.
- Because you like Australians.
- Because my profile looks nice.
- Because you want to play games with me (I will accept it if you live in Australia where servers are hard to find).

Examples of a good invite reason:
- You have a question or a questionnaire and want me to assist.
- If you want to ask if I can upload a mod to FoF with your Idea (Keep in mind that I have my limits)

If you've come to comment your copypasta on my profile, shove it up your ass, sorry kids.
If you've come to comment threats or anything to intentionally hurt me or those in my friends list, I will not tolerate it, depending on severity, you might be blocked (I'm not sensitive, but Steam is full of kids that are always picking up off users' nasty comments).
If you've come to comment scams, I will remove your comment for the safety of my friends as some of them are quite young. If you spam your scam in hope that I will have a different outcome, you will be immediately blocked.

Scroll for info about me.

Name: Davron Burton
Gender: Boi
Age: 15 (10/01/2006)
Games I play: Too many to put here.
Personality: Dumb.
Main hobby: Doing really stupid things and actually walking away unharmed.
Side Hobby: Gaming.

Other useless notes:
You have a chance of meeting me in a service station buying a Mountain Dew.
I have an iPhone 6S, no jokes, I always carry an external battery.
I carry a pen wherever I go for some reason.
I tend to make awful puns when I see an opportunity.
I get asked this a lot: What is my opinion of furries? Here's my answer: I will accept you no matter who you are, furry or not, you can add me with reason.
I don't like TikTok.
I get five hours of sleep every night.
My phone is full of memes (mainly ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Discord ones)
I don't care what you want to chat about.
My search history is cleaned every day (for some reason...)
I don't eat sandwiches too often.
I like Monster energy drinks.
I'm the most accident prone person you'll ever meet.
Sometimes... I don't shut up.

Favourite music artists:
South Central Cartel
Benny the Butcher
Stash Lomain
ScHoolboy Q
Denzel Curry

I do not live in Perth. I live in Kondinin, a small country town three hours away, you ever heard of Wave Rock? well, I'm right next door to it! Be sure to check out Wave Rock and the towns Hyden and Kondinin!
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"War Iz On"
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A fucking Hotwheels Bus Oct 4 @ 10:01am 
Sad Ending
A fucking Hotwheels Bus Oct 4 @ 10:01am 
No. . .
The_Gaming_Loyalist Oct 1 @ 11:45pm 
You'll feel better soon.
A fucking Hotwheels Bus Oct 1 @ 6:06am 
*Soul comes back* Yes. . . I ate those nuts. . . *Soul Leave away*
The_Gaming_Loyalist Sep 17 @ 6:30am 
I think he ate those nuts.
A fucking Hotwheels Bus Sep 17 @ 5:12am 
*fades away*