Caspian Whitefish
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Vernon Litian Apr 26 @ 7:11pm 
Man, I just got obliterated by you. Great fighting, mate.
Grand Daddy Papi Apr 24 @ 10:41pm 
gg mate add me lets get some in
waffle Apr 15 @ 8:57pm 
your amazing at the game, just wanted to give a gg for each of the matches I've played against you, hope I can beat you one day
Sacrosanct Apr 15 @ 8:52pm 
well just wanted to say ggs and that hey you're really good and that im down to let you beat my ♥♥♥ so that I can maybe get a little better at this game
DesentisDude Apr 15 @ 3:13pm 
As always good fights man, just wanted to add you to tell you that
C8H10N4O2 Mar 21 @ 2:16pm 
A really good Absolver player. Kudos to this one!