Flying Boar
Doing all the lab work!


The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

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Flying Boar: YOU ARE DUMB
Lightbringer #Work: I AM DUMB
Lightbringer #Work: WAIT SHIT

Lightbringer: i don't think you are bo
Flying Boar: if i am not bo who am i?

"I guess you can was a spy for a spy" -Maffer Baffers

12:31 AM - Flying Boar: I can't even
12:31 AM - Flying Boar: ur puns
12:32 AM - Maffer Baffers:
12:32 AM - Flying Boar: How sleep deprived are you?

10:46 PM - slashproc: well, it'd feel wrong doing it without at least one of you
10:46 PM - slashproc: and holy crap I hope no one ever sees that and takes it out of context

10:19 PM - Flying Boar: They're on point with another synth pop band
10:19 PM - Flying Boar: Close to Porter Robinson
10:19 PM - Flying Boar: But how will I remain hipster now?
10:20 PM - Maffer Baffers: it's time to step out into the light
10:20 PM - Maffer Baffers: get because you're music is underground?

11:29 PM - Maffer Baffers: my dream hair
11:29 PM - Maffer Baffers: life is like a canvas and that hair is the brush
11:30 PM - Flying Boar: I have no words

3:25 PM - MR SLIN: yeah it's basically a cancer stream
3:26 PM - Flying Boar: :C
3:26 PM - Flying Boar: No
3:26 PM - Flying Boar: NONONONONO
3:26 PM - Flying Boar: Wait
3:26 PM - Flying Boar: Like, for cancer charity?
3:26 PM - MR SLIN: no
3:26 PM - MR SLIN: more like hitler faces in the chat
3:26 PM - MR SLIN: lol
3:27 PM - Flying Boar: D: Noooooooooo
3:27 PM - MR SLIN: haha
3:27 PM - MR SLIN: you're so innocent
3:27 PM - MR SLIN: this chat has like
3:27 PM - MR SLIN: ascii penises
3:27 PM - MR SLIN: and you think they're raising money for charity

8:57 PM - Light: remember that time
8:57 PM - Flying Boar: no pls explain
8:57 PM - Flying Boar: :)
8:57 PM - Light: no
8:57 PM - Flying Boar: :( oh ok

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Salutations! I'm Drake, and I'm the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Sapiosexual. I'm Anti-Feminist, but I believe in equality, making me an Egalitarian. Anti-SJW, Anti ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t, Pro-Confederate, White Pride, Anti- Gun Control. Steven Universe and MLP Fan
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Shooterkid14: She just cant even
Regi: You have to go back to school to learn math so you can even
x'D best lobby in forever
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come back
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i was here