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I'm a lucky man to be with this amazing girl.

"You know the best piece of advice I got? 'These things happen'. I don't even remember who said it, but I guess they didn't have anything better to say. But it's true, you know? These things happen, and there's nothing you can do about it. They aren't necessarily planned, and they aren't always bad, and they aren't always good, but they are. So I made the decision that I would live without worrying about the future." - Emi Ibarazaki, Katawa Shoujo

Proud Moderator of Steveh's Server
21st July 2010 - 8th November 2015
21:34 - [StSv] Krikke: Once upon a time, 2 types of players ruled over the server
21:34 - [StSv] Krikke: tryhards and friendlies
21:34 - [StSv] Krikke: after 5 years, neither were victorious
21:40 - [StSv] Limey: As their homeland withered and died around them, they realised the futility of their fued.
21:40 - [StSv] Krikke: continue if you can
21:40 - [StSv] Krikke: i cant come up with any
21:43 - [StSv] Limey: They sealed their hatred away as the world perished.
21:44 - [StSv] Limey: Legends say that they roam new worlds, far from each other, but still alive.
21:47 - [StSv] Krikke: It is said to this day they share a connection, bearing an insignia to remind them where they once belonged.
21:47 - [StSv] Limey: The Steveh Rune
21:48 - [StSv] Krikke: While their world may be lost, the fond memories of it will never die.
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You probably know me or seen me around a few times on DFS.
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