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Hi there! I am Joy, but you can call me lavendeer if you wish. :kittyheart:
AKA Stinky Vampire :pleased:

About Me

I draw a lot, and strive to improve my art almost every day.

I like anime, spooky things, sweets, chicken nuggets, and video games!

I only take drawing requests when I'm bored, which is really often.

Woomy is a state of mind. But not. Woomy is acceptance.

Those who blame their losses on their team mates are not capable of Woomy. Woomy doesn't care about wins or losses; these are creations of man.

When you accept the destiny of life is living, you come one step closer to Woomy.

? What is Woomy ?

Everyone asks that, but even the act of trying to find an answer is counter-Woomy.

Woomy is the answer, because it doesn't have all the answers and knows it doesn't need them.

The glory of Woomy is all around us: you just need to open your eyes.

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