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No to war, and yes to buying this DLC to support Ukraine.
Posted March 4.
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This game was recommended by my co-workers for the weekend, and I played this little gem in the rough during my 24-hour-charity livestream, and holy s*** this game is filled with interesting lore, a creepy atmosphere, clever puzzles, and a harrowing, panic-inducing chase scenes.

As a horror fanatic, I HIGHLY recommend this game for the price, and cannot WAIT for Chapter 2.

EDIT: In regards to the controversial NFT debacle that the developer is introducing to their franchise, purchase this game at your own risk.
Posted November 8, 2021. Last edited December 25, 2021.
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Ever since I was introduced to the first Madness flash animation on Newgrounds by the wickedly talented Krinkels, and after playing the first flash game of Project Nexus a long time ago as a kid, it is my honor as a Kickstarter supporter of this game to recommend this game, especially for fans of the series.
Posted September 30, 2021.
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Dr. Evil approves of this DLC.
Posted August 31, 2021.
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Despite the abrupt, expected crashes throughout my personal experience, here's the skinny:

--The characters' have personalities, voices are realistic, and their lips move accurately
--The level design for a game this old still holds up and has LOTS of variety.
The gameplay is solid; in my own experience sometimes aiming down the sights felt janky due to fiddling with the fps
--The artificial intelligence is good; most of the time they tend to rush towards you in closed spaces, and sometimes they have incredible aim on higher difficulties
--I really enjoyed the based-on-true-story events; the production of the historical pictures during the time of the war gives more authenticity that way
--The graphics are very good, didn't really have a lot to comment on them.
--The sound and music design, my GOODNESS. Michael Giacchino has produced music for some Medal of Honor series and it's great to hear his work in Call of Duty. Sound is superb.

Overall, it is DEFINITELY worth your time.
Posted August 24, 2021.
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Early Access Review
Note: This is a work-in-progress review for an Early-Access title. This version is susceptible to change in the future.

TL:DR Version
It is kind of difficult to state whether to buy it or not. If you don't mind putting 8 hours into the following—somewhat interesting characters with great voice acting and writing; a spaceship hub with several areas; spaceship- and turn-based combat with RPG elements, an unfinished story; shmup/sidescrolling boss battles, UNREAL engine graphics, and cool yet kind of repetitive, ambient music—then go for it. Otherwise, wait.

Meticulous Version

—There are about twenty characters that are introduced throughout the game, and each of them has its own Codex entry.
—Each character has their own personality and history; the story goes on and you learn more about their ideas and values.
—Only DEMI, Lillian, Killi, and Dallick are interactable on the Mary Celeste. The rest seem to drive the story forward and may play a more dynamic role later on.
—Several characters you help on the space exploration map are parodied and based on real-life figures. I chuckled a bit.

—We're in space, mostly.
—One galaxy is able to be explored, like Mass Effect 3 except there are no Reapers chasing you.
—There are six locations: The Imperium Archives, The Falls, NÜ Vegas, Prodigium, Vanerra, and The Imperium Capitol Varrialus.
—The Mary Celeste hub has eight areas to choose from, all being unlocked after the first act is completed. Some areas are not finished due to Early Access limitations.

—The space battles involve blasting away small, enemy ships that resemble lewd shapes. There are also very BIG ships as well. Each has its weaknesses and strengths. At the end of the wave, your score is based on how much time(?) you take and how many times you get hit (gold star being the highest and bronze star being the lowest). Once a planetary event is completed, it cannot be repeated.
—The ground battles are turn-based. Keep in mind that you can use the changing environment to your advantage if you play your moves right, and can even cancel moves before they are completed. Another tip is you can continue moving all your characters as long as you kill an enemy each turn. Even some can kill an enemy and perform an additional move.
—You can choose Lily or Killi as the main fighter, then you have up to four Mantics to choose from: the Bulgetto, Chodestool, Dromstik, and Napholeon (unlockable). Each one has its own move set, plus active, ultimate, and passive abilities. Mantics have XP progression and your main character has XP/PP progression.
—Completing these main/side missions (depending on who you select, Lily or Killi), builds XP/PP, and also awards Bio, Tek, and Credits (BTC). XP increases abilities in combat, PP can unlock P.A.N.D.O.R.A. scenes, and BTC can be used to upgrade your ship's power.
—There are also gifts and trophies that are awarded at the end of each mission/event. Trophies are mostly for bragging accomplishments in the Captain's Quarters, but gifts can be used to increase devotion points for Lily, DEMI, and Killi when you take them on dates (you just give the gifts to them, and one character may prefer a gift over another, resulting in more devotion points.
—Last but not least, the P.A.N.D.O.R.A. event in the Captain's Quarters (keep reading if you HAVEN'T seen them already). I won't say much. You have Standard and Premium scenes you unlock with "Pooter Points." I want you to experience it for yourselves. Make sure you're 18 years old.

—Space rundown: phallic rockets that shoot balls and home in on you; boob-shaped satellite-dish ships; Star Destroyers that shoot constant lasers and launch grenades, and large ones that have powerful shotgun blasts when you're too close. Picking Killi with the shotgun is OP.
—Ground enemies: robots that use electricity and explode; soldiers that use slashing weapons and energy pistols; and giant behemoths that are melee brawlers. Some have shields while others don't. Remember this: Energy attacks for shields and armor, physical for non-shielded enemies.

—Nu Vegas was breaking laws, Imperium wanted to shut them down, Imperium army fought with Solar Navy, standstill happened, and now the planet is under harsher legislation by the Kasidora
—The Codex shows a list of characters, locations, factions, things, events, and ships that have their own descriptions. You can read all about it the more you discover them!
—Mostly consists of cutscenes and a back-and-forth, visual-novel style
—The writing is good, but the strongest portion of the writing is the dialogue and voice acting; it's so laugh-out-loud funny and ridiculous.

—As I've said earlier, it goes between shmup-ing (closed area), and shmup-sidescrolling action.
—Most boss battles are tied to the story. Don't expect any large bosses while doing side quests.

—Graphics looks great; there's a LOT of high detail in the character models and the cutscenes.
—If your GPU can handle it, increase the level to Epic to show the Unreal Engine's potential, especially during the rendering scenes in P.A.N.D.O.R.A.
—There's a mod that allows you to unlock the camera to explore the more enclosed, dynamic environments, but getting too close to models hinders performance GREATLY

—Music is very good. There are only a certain amount of times when the music was repetitive, but it did not take the enjoyment out of my experience.
—All locations on the Mary Celeste have the same background music, except for the Bar where the music can be changed and the P.A.N.D.O.R.A. ambiance.
Posted May 10, 2021. Last edited May 10, 2021.
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Dead Island Definitive Edition is the re-release of the original Dead Island that released on 6 September 2011, and this version has all of the downloadable content included.

—There are four people to choose from and they have their strengths and their own special "fury" ability: Sam B. with his fists, Xian Mei with her blade weapons, Logan Carter with throwing weapons, and Purna with her pistol. Ryder White is a character choice; he's the main character in the Ryder White DLC and uses his pistol for fury.

—There are other characters you interact with, but mostly they are part of the story and are kind of forgettable.

—There's one NPC that helps you store items, so cool, I guess?

—NPC repeatable quests? Annoying as hell. Ex: "OH THANK GOD!"

—The environments are a wide variety: wide-open, tropical-vista views of the ocean and sunshine; cramped, desolated, blood-ridden areas inside tunnels; and dark, creepy houses and closets. Oh, also, there's a lighthouse.

—There are so many zombies and so many ways to dispatch them: beat them, kick them, stomp them, shoot them, chop their heads off, throw weapons at them, blow them up with explosives, throw Molotov cocktails at them, use your special ability, electrocute them—SO MANY WAYS, GO F*CKING CRAZY!

—This game is fun exploring and killing zombies alone, but with more people involved it is a BLAST to play through!

—Crafting is amazing in this game; there are so many combinations and types of weapons to craft that can really knock zombies off of their own feet. There are secret blueprints hidden around the world to find, and those are worth the price of discovery and crafting

—You have a skill tree—fury, combat, survival—with lots of new abilities, and the best ones that I recommend are anything that gets you cash, more stamina, durable weapons, and the execution-style head smash. Two feet is the best!

—Ryder White's DLC has a BIG problem with infected zombies; there are so many that appear and chase you that you are placed into a position where you have to get lucky and throw grenades and run away. Despite having effective medkits, health, and stamina, you cannot upgrade Ryder's stats. Thankfully this DLC is shorter than the main game.

—NPC's are kind of helpless when they get surrounded; be sure to throw weapons at the zombies.

—Your zombie rundown is as follows: walkers move slow; infected move fast; straightjacket ones charge you; thin-skinned bubbly ones explode at close range; floaters that move slow and puke on you from a distance; butchers that are a pain to fight and dispatch; and humans that wield pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

—There are a couple of boss fights, one being towards the end of the campaign before you board the helicopter with Charon

—Beginning intro of someone getting drunk makes no sense character-wise; you just wake up disoriented—probably from too much drinking or someone slipped you a roofie or something—to find that the entire island has been riddled with human-craving zombies due to a mass virus. Surprisingly, you and y our acquaintances are somehow immune. Your crew must then make your way off of the island because it's about to be destroyed by a nuclear strike.

—There are small mini-bosses known as thugs. Each one may have a weakness in their arm, leg, or torso where a critical hit is possible. Be sure to attack those weak points for an easy kill.

—As previously mentioned in the Atmosphere category, the visuals in the sunlight on beaches is very pleasant to look at, even on HDR monitors. Everything else that's shot in the dark seems to be low-textured and were meant to be there.

—The music in this game is not memorable, but kind of smoothing as background noise; the menu music is self-explanatory, the ambiance in safe zones are appropriate, and of course the action sequences. The lighthouse one is somber yet peaceful—my second favorite. The main trailer music by Giles Lamb is the most memorable out of all of them.
Posted January 25, 2021.
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Christmas Rampage is not worth buying for $5; it can beaten within an hour, it has optimization issues, the resolution cannot be changed at all, and the navigation in some worlds is too perplexing. Skip this game.

My Livestream Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/848566233 ~(00:20:00)

  • You play as a two-legged, robotic Rudolph on chicken-bone legs with a snowball gun and health regeneration. That's it.
  • Game has 13 levels with 13 different environments; each one has its own unique style
  • Cartoon style for each enemy, level, and boss
  • Some level design is questionable; there are areas where map assets should be but there is nothing, confusing the typical player when navigating through each area (Mistletoe room, Volcano Room, Santa's Workshop[WORST ONE])
  • Enemies can become stuck outside of the boundary for no reason
  • Poor optimization: game runs poorly on window and full screen at a performance of less than 30FPS, and gets lower when more assets are shown on the screen
  • Enemies are bullet sponges, their projectiles are easy to destroy and barely hurt you.
  • Getting enough bullet-sponge shots allows for you to regenerate your health, then you fill the bar again
  • Looking ahead of your location is useful but enemies can spawn near your position without warning
  • Items that you can pick up are presents; they don't add benefits to gameplay, just for high score
  • Bombs are traps lying around; just shoot them until they silently explode
  • Climbing stairs that look too narrow in levels act like teleporters to the next area
  • Each level has their own unique enemy
  • Each unique enemy fires their own projectiles
  • Rundown: Carrots and broccoli; Big Brother TV's; penguins with cannons; present raccoons; 3-eyed yellow-teethed wolves(?); squirrels in trees; finches with pentagram shields; penguins on cloud, shooting-coal tanks; sonar-shooting pig-bats, hell hounds that shoot magma out their behinds(?), baboons that shoot realistic carrots(?)
  • Simplistic; defeat Santa and their diabolical creations and minions (and try to keep up with your sanity--Editor Note)
  • Unique one for each level; sponge-bullet bosses
  • Easy to defeat; point and shoot and avoid getting hit, and if you get hit more keep bullet-sponge-shooting until you regenerate your health
  • Rundown: Evil Turkey, Bob the Salesman, Snowman, Future Elf (Heat Miser?), Polar Bear, Evil Tree, The Mistletoe, Evil Deer (looks bad), Granny Bat, Krampus (bullet-hell boss), Evil Santa
  • Simple, unique, cartoon-ish
  • Sprite for projectiles hand in Cave Room disappears when running
  • Map assets sometimes fail to load, leaving maps like a complete, confusing guessing-game maze until the player explores every possible direction; exploding bomb textures in Cave Room are gone
  • Baboon's butt texture is lazy
  • Each level and boss battle have their own music track, sometimes repeadly, except Polar Room; okay variety
  • Music can be somewhat repetitive, depends on how long the player takes to complete the level
Posted January 3, 2021. Last edited January 3, 2021.
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There are no words to describe the style, beauty, story-telling, and soundtrack in Journey. This is one of those games where you lay back in a comfortable couch, use a gamepad to navigate whimsical environments, interact with other Journey companions you meet throughout the story, and engage in a narrative that shows and does not tell; that is in my opinion the best way to tell a story like Journey.

It was 100% worth playing after experiencing another heart-wrenching, intense horror-platformer.
Posted November 26, 2020.
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Where do I start?

—Postal guy is boring; all the characters are dull, forgettable, and not interesting. To this day I cannot remember any memorable characters except Ron Jeremy, Osama Bin Laden, Uwe Boll, and that's it.

—Environments differ for each encounter, but some areas recycle the same map over and over again but with different scripted events. It doesn't feel lively at all; just dull.

Gameplay—Below Average
—The core of any game is being able to play it, and in this category it's awful: the performance and graphics are really bad, aggravating, frustrating, and time consuming. Constant hitches with sound files, random crashing for no reason, the navigation of AI characters (jeez), and has one of the worst aiming mechanics for a rocket launcher that I have ever experienced in a game.
—The developers added multiple endings, pathways, and even a moral compass because THAT'S what we need in a Postal game; the more evil you do, the more evil you become. But that's not all, there's one level where if you let any terrorists across the border your meter starts filling up the evil path, so good luck there.
—There are also too many guns and they are not as fun to use as they should be despite the customization for all of them.
—Arresting people in the middle of combat is awkward.
—Sometimes when you want to join a side it's very difficult at first to tell who to shoot if you want to be a good or bad; an indicator would have been nice.
—Allies can get stuck in doors or hallways that prevent your character from advancing in the game which is bad. There are some vehicles that you can ride, but you need them to protect VIP's in escort missions.
—Trying to pour gasoline on someone and then set them on fire leads to teeth-grinding frustration

—Allies tend to rush into battle and not use cover
—Enemies say the same dialog over and over again and they overlap their voices. May want to turn the sound down.
—Enemies that are mandatory to kill move all around the place, and the monkey experiments and ones that throw beehives at you? Trying to shoot them is like playing spin the bottle on top of a rotating rotary fan inside of a spinning circus top.

StorySnooze fest
What story? Postal dude solves stuff with his own logic, helps some people, and either becomes bad or good. That's it. He just had to press that button...

—Three boss battles in one? Thankfully it's the easiest, but good lord they are bullet sponges worse than The Division.
—Charging bosses? Forget this. Wander around and let them chase you until they happen to fall over randomly while they pretend to hit a wall. Works 1/4 of the time.
—The TANK BOSS? Don't get me started. Worst boss ever. Side-stepping around the corner to fire felt like doing the cha-cha slide to "What Is Love?" on thin ice. Have fun shooting the ROCKET LAUNCHER!

—The Source engine is utilized to the lowest common denominator; the lip movements are worse than Half-Life 2, and why make the screen so small in the main menu? To show off Postal Dude's ego?

Music—Replace it
—Boring, repetitive, yawn, dull. Might as well put the music from Postal 2 on as a replacement. eve the music cannot save this game.

This may be the worst Postal game ever created by an outsourced developer on the Source engine. Suspending your disbelief is paramount within the first 30 minutes or so; the absurdity of events that happen one after another during the tutorial sections are rather less fun than enjoyable. Running With Scissors should have nothing to do with this, and same goes for anyone who is looking to buy this game. Stay away from it. go buy Postal and/or Postal 4 to support RWS.
Posted June 29, 2020. Last edited June 29, 2020.
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