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dino 6 hours ago 
No, I'm not a normie. I'm a MEMELORD. There's a difference. And if you can't see it, that makes YOU the normie. "No u," you might protest. It's too late. I've already "no u"'d so much I am IMMUNE to the BIG GAY.

My mum gay? Well, guess what? Your dad lesbian. For every insult you can think of, I will counter that shit so fast you'll get whiplash. I come from a long, long line of memelords and they're ALL heterosexual and conform to traditional gender roles. Try again, NORMIE.

Yes, I watch "Rick and Morty". I'm not like those Pickle Rick-loving normies. Like I said, I'm not a normie; I'm a MEMELORD. Yes, I just used a semicolon. Yes, I'm a intellectual. No, I'm not a normie. I cannot reiterate this enough - I. Am. A. Memelord.

So go ahead and laugh at your 9Gag reposts. I'll be waiting in the shadowy recesses of iFunny. What's that? iFunny is for normies? Think again, because I'm no normie.
dino Apr 21 @ 5:29pm 
:B1: :sweg: XD :sweg: ur MuM has :redb:ENIS :yolo: xD :yolo: :B1:
|Z| Marco Apr 21 @ 2:59pm 
Added,to ask you something about your website!
aura Apr 20 @ 6:27pm 
aura Apr 20 @ 12:24am 
Mystie Apr 14 @ 1:58pm 
:hwstar: hey! i hope you have an amazing week! :hwstar:
love from lucy:nekoheart: