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Personal Achievements

Get an A!

Get an A in any category of your results

Not Quite AAA

Get two A's in any category of your results.


Complete kuso on either Arcade or Hard Mode

Extra Lives!

Complete kuso while having collected all 8 Extra Lives

Sub Par

Complete kuso in under 15 minutes on any difficulty

Smooth Maneuver

Perform a smooth maneuver on kuso Level 2

I'll take the high road

Take the upper path on kuso Level 18


Climb kuso Level 22 without using safety ledges


Complete kuso Level 25 without using any respawn points

100% Category

Complete kuso in Speedrun Mode with 100% Completion

Complete Completionish

Complete LOVE+kuso 100% in Speedrun Mode

Fred's 41 Under 30 List

Complete LOVE+kuso in under 30 minutes


Complete LOVE


Complete LOVE+kuso

Fast Forward

In Level Select Mode, beat the Credits in under 01:15

Sub Ten

In Level Select Mode, beat a level in under 10 seconds.

Falling Forever

Fall for two minutes straight.


In Level Select Mode, beat a level without jumping.

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